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  Josh Habdas 233153b376
docs: ✏️ update intro and features 1 month ago
  Josh Habdas 286c26ab46
chore: 🤖 remove pantheon cruft 1 month ago
  Josh Habdas d63616d42e
docs: ✏️ add price comparison and migration steps 1 month ago
  Pantheon Automation 44d39ff5cf Circle 2 test scripts 2 years ago
  Pantheon Automation 4fa3c49028 Update to WordPress 5.6. For more information, see https://wordpress.org/news/2020/12/simone/ 2 months ago
  Pantheon Automation 30466f7826 Update to WordPress 5.5.3. For more information, see https://wordpress.org/news/2020/10/wordpress-5-5-3-maintenance-release/ 4 months ago
  Pantheon Automation 1ded655587 Update to WordPress 5.5.2. For more information, see https://wordpress.org/news/2020/10/wordpress-5-5-2-security-and-maintenance-release/ 4 months ago
  Phil Tyler 96fa0e555e Use pantheon_curl_timeout instead of pantheon_curl 4 months ago
  Doug Cone a1a86f6b98 Update page cache notices to link to caching docs page 4 months ago
  Doug Cone 7e4c4fef96 Add DISABLE_PANTHEON_UPDATE_NOTICES constant to disable Pantheon update notice filtering 4 months ago
  Myles McNamara dbc56702b7 Only check for WordPress update when not doing ajax request 4 months ago
  Pantheon Automation f289ec943e Update to WordPress 5.5.1. For more information, see https://wordpress.org/news/2020/09/wordpress-5-5-1-maintenance-release/ 5 months ago
  Pantheon Automation 5a2b7bacc3 Update to WordPress 5.5. IMPORTANT: If you select "Auto-resolve conflicts" for this release, it may cause your customizations to wp-config.php to be removed. Changes were made in the upstream wp-config.php in order to support wp_get_environment_type(). Double-check the contents of your wp-config.php file after applying this update. If you have problems with merge conflicts, see https://pantheon.io/docs/git-resolve-merge-conflicts 6 months ago
  Phil Tyler 01ee7f1982 wp-config.php: removed deprecated WPLANG, refactored "if" logic/syntax 6 months ago
  Doug Cone bd2d9887f9 Add local config sample 8 months ago
  Phil Tyler 1ddd8b6a89 Introduce wp-config-pantheon, set WP_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE by Pantheon environment 7 months ago
  Daniel Bachhuber 8d08f6d75c Introduce 'pantheon_wp_login_text' to allow login text to be filtered 1 year ago
  Pantheon Automation ca4394b428 Amended WordPress 5.4.2 release. 8 months ago
  Pantheon Automation 96aa565e91 Update to WordPress 5.4.2. For more information, see https://wordpress.org/news/2020/06/wordpress-5-4-2-security-and-maintenance-release/ 8 months ago
  Greg Anderson 80b2a39c43 [OTTO-357] Add protected_web_paths to upstream 8 months ago
  Doug Cone c4a25bb1c6 change default for new sites from utf8 to utf8mb4 8 months ago
  Pantheon Automation bdfa6f25c8 Update to WordPress 5.4.1. For more information, see https://wordpress.org/news/2020/04/wordpress-5-4-1/ 10 months ago
  Phil Tyler 6ed707d87b Upstream update notice improvements 10 months ago
  Pantheon Automation 685c2d3d2f Update to WordPress 5.4. For more information, see https://wordpress.org/news/2020/03/adderley/ 11 months ago
  Pantheon Automation eef601e159 Update to WordPress 5.3.2. For more information, see https://wordpress.org/news/2019/12/wordpress-5-3-1-security-and-maintenance-release/ 1 year ago
  Pantheon Automation dac8843132 Update to WordPress 5.3.1. For more information, see https://wordpress.org/news/2019/12/wordpress-5-3-1-security-and-maintenance-release/ 1 year ago
  Pantheon Automation a1417690ef Update to WordPress 5.3. For more information, see https://wordpress.org/news/2019/11/kirk/ 1 year ago
  Pantheon Automation 8ddeadaeb0 Update to WordPress 5.2.4. For more information, see https://wordpress.org/news/2019/10/wordpress-5-2-4-security-release/ 1 year ago
  Pantheon Automation 47bb64d604 Enforce HTTPS. For more info see https://pantheon.io/blog/pantheon-now-enforces-https-default-plus-really-simple-hsts 1 year ago
  Mike Garrett cde52f71d8 Update .gitignore 4 years ago
  Pantheon Automation a222f40a85 Update to WordPress 5.2.3. For more information, see https://wordpress.org/news/2019/09/wordpress-5-2-3-security-and-maintenance-release/ 1 year ago
  Andrew Taylor 2fc6978eac Remove `max-age` from logged-in responses 1 year ago
  Daniel Bachhuber 25bd878d31 Improve WordPress dashboard Custom Upstream update notifications 1 year ago
  Daniel Bachhuber 8f97eedbac Remove the Try Gutenberg callout code 1 year ago
  Pantheon Automation 8fd6fd2590 Update to WordPress 5.2.2. For more information, see https://wordpress.org/news/2019/06/wordpress-5-2-2-maintenance-release/ 1 year ago
  Pantheon Automation 215de666b1 Update to WordPress 5.2.1. For more information, see https://wordpress.org/news/2019/05/jaco/ 1 year ago
  Pantheon Automation 0d609531c6 Update to WordPress 5.2. For more information, see https://wordpress.org/news/2019/05/jaco/ 1 year ago
  Pantheon Automation 43b2a6343b Update to PHP 7.3. For details see https://pantheon.io/blog/faster-wordpress-drupal-8-sites-php-73-default. 1 year ago
  Weston Ruter d1dbdc4311 Check if HTTP_HOST is set before reading it 1 year ago
  Pantheon Automation 84f059b2b4 Update to WordPress 5.1.1. For more information, see https://wordpress.org/news/2019/03/wordpress-5-1-1-security-and-maintenance-release/ 1 year ago
  Pantheon Automation f0677e3a31 Update to WordPress 5.1. For more information, see https://wordpress.org/news/2019/02/betty/ 2 years ago
  Pantheon Automation 702f6aa136 Update to WordPress 5.0.3. For more information, see https://wordpress.org/news/2019/01/wordpress-5-0-3-maintenance-release/ 2 years ago
  Pantheon Automation 419a6bcf66 Update to WordPress 5.0.2. For more information, see https://wordpress.org/news/2018/12/wordpress-5-0-2-maintenance-release/ 2 years ago
  Pantheon Automation 14eb2d81ae Update to WordPress 5.0.1. For more information, see https://wordpress.org/news/2018/12/wordpress-5-0-1-security-release 2 years ago
  Pantheon Automation 0daa7a8229 Update to WordPress 5.0. For more information, see https://wordpress.org/news/2018/12/wordpress-5-0-rc3/ 2 years ago
  Pantheon Automation 4000e597d4 Update to PHP 7.2. For details see https://pantheon.io/blog/speed-your-site-php-72/ 2 years ago
  Alex Fornuto c83dd3006e moved new line per @carl-alberto 2 years ago
  Alex Fornuto 09cf929572 Update .gitignore 2 years ago
  Pantheon Automation b974eb2d20 Update to WordPress 4.9.8. For more information, see https://wordpress.org/news/2018/08/wordpress-4-9-8-maintenance-release/ 2 years ago
  Pantheon Upstream d2043a0e3a #170: Add Try Gutenberg panel modifications 2 years ago