🍞 A retro dark theme for Hugo https://after-dark.habd.as
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+++ title = "After Dark" description = "After Dark is open source software you can use to build a secure website, blog or app. One command is all you need to start a new website." images = [ "https://after-dark.habd.as/images/screenshots/after-dark-v6.15.0-homepage-fs8.png" ] copyright owner = "Josh Habdas" date = "2019" license = "agpl-3.0-or-later" spotlight name = "workflow" title = "Developer Focused" description = "Develop and publish websites cross-platform using a single codebase with just one dependency and capabilities designed to make you more productive:" icon = "code" spotlight name = "speed" title = "Incredibly Fast" description = "With <a target="_blank" rel="external nofollow noopener" href="https://forestry.io/blog/hugo-vs-jekyll-benchmark/">0.615s average builds and decisecond page loads you could conceivably develop and serve your content from an <a target="_blank" rel="external nofollow noopener" href="https://amzn.to/2Wx7xJk">ODROID in space." icon = "lightning" spotlight.link href = "/feature/fetch-injection/" text = "Fetch Inject" spotlight.link href = "/feature/lazy-loading/" text = "Lazy Loading" spotlight.link href = "https://tools.pingdom.com/#5a399f9666400000" text = "Benchmark" target = "_blank" rel = "external nofollow noopener" spotlight name = "privacy" title = "Privacy Aware" description = "Develop your entire site without Internet connectivity and expose an ephemeral Web server with e2e encryption and real-time traffic inspection." icon = "eye" spotlight.link href = "/feature/work-offline/" text = "Work Offline" spotlight.link href = "/feature/referrer-policy/" text = "Hide Referrals" spotlight.link href = "/feature/ephemeral-hosting/" text = "SSH Host" spotlight name = "security" title = "Securely Designed" description = "Verify the authenticity of your installation using secure cryptographic hashes and use <abbr title="Content Security Policy">CSP, <abbr title="Sub-Resource Integrity">SRI and Referrer Policy to lock down your content." icon = "lock" spotlight.link href = "/feature/content-security-policy/" text = "Content Policy" spotlight.link href = "/validate/" text = "Check Integrity" spotlight.link href = "/feature/#security" text = "See All" spotlight name = "graphics" title = "Advanced Graphics" description = "Add high-resolution, responsive images with low-quality image placeholders and engaging visual effects without even touching an image editor." icon = "photo" spotlight.link href = "/feature/post-images/" text = "Post Images" spotlight.link href = "/feature/custom-homepage/" text = "Thumbnails" spotlight.link href = "/module/hall-of-mirrors/" text = "Galleries" spotlight name = "customize" title = "Easily Customized" description = "Toggle between 1 of 8 customizable skin styles or disable them entirely and use custom layouts and styles to take complete design control." icon = "options" spotlight.link href = "/feature/custom-homepage/" text = "Homepage" spotlight.link href = "/feature/skin-styles/" text = "Skins" spotlight.link href = "/feature/#customizing" text = "See All" spotlight name = "search" title = "Fuzzy Search" description = "Quickly locate indexed content anywhere on your site using inbuilt fuzzy search with automatic search indexing and full offline support." icon = "search" spotlight.link href = "/feature/fuzzy-search/" text = "Learn More" spotlight.link href = "/search/?s=uzzy%20searvh" text = "Try It Now" spotlight name = "rewards" title = "Rewards System" description = "Earn rewards for keeping your software up-to-date and monetize attention to generate a borderless, low-maintenance passive income." icon = "creditcard" beta = true spotlight.link href = "/module/toxic-swamp/#installation" text = "Installation" spotlight.link href = "/module/toxic-swamp/" text = "Learn More" spotlight name = "extras" title = "Batteries Included" description = "Self-host your entire stack using commodity hardware and keep your source code and visitor metrics entirely under your control." icon = "paperclip" spotlight.link href = "/extra/high-tea/" text = "Gitea" spotlight.link href = "/extra/after-dark-k3s/" text = "Kubernetes" spotlight.link href = "/module/voyeur/" text = "Fathom" spotlight name = "builds" title = "Extended Builds" description = "Create high-performance Hugo builds using Alpine Linux with Musl. Builds Hugo Extended binary with Sass support using Docker directly from source." icon = "export" spotlight.link href = "/feature/extended-builds/" text = "Create Build Now" +++

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