🍞 A retro dark theme for Hugo https://after-dark.habd.as
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+++ title = "After Dark" description = "After Dark is a complete hypermedia authoring system for the Hugo Static Site Generator." +++

After Dark is a complete hypermedia authoring system using {{< external text="Hugo Static Site Generator" href="https://gohugo.io" />}} for creating immersive websites that are incredibly fast, easy to customize and securely designed.

{{< figure alt="After Dark screenshots" src="/images/minimal-mac_1600x1200-fs8.png" lqipsrc="/images/minimal-mac_800x600-fs8.png" >}}

Unreal Graphics

Create lazy-loading responsive images and galleries with low-quality image placeholders and special effects all without touching an image editor.

Figures | Post Images | Galleries | BPG

Ludicrous Speed

Load entire pages in less than a half-second without relying on complex build systems or browser sniffing and may the schwartz be with you.

Fetch Inject | Lazy Load | JIT Requests

Fully Customizable

Choose from one of eight styleable theme skins or disable theming entirely and use custom layouts and CSS to take complete design control.

Skins | Layouts | Styles | Favicons

Locate indexed content anywhere on your site in the blink of an eye, even without an Internet connection. No registration required.

Fuzzy Search | Form Controls | Try It Now

Securely Designed

From PGP-signed cryptographic release hashes to ephemeral hosting options with end-to-end encryption security is tight as a drum, sir.

PGP Signed | Fathom Analytics | Air Gapping

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{{< external title="Download" rel="prefetch" target="_self" itemtype="significantLink" href="https://git.habd.as/comfusion/after-dark/#getting-started" >}} Download {{< /external >}}
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