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Welcome to the After Dark wiki!


Works modified from or based on After Dark.

Title Description Link
After Dark K3s After Dark for Kubernetes https://after-dark.habd.as/extra/after-dark-k3s/
After Dark Green Theme with social icons https://github.com/guitmz/after-dark-green
After Dark Zola port of After Dark https://github.com/getzola/after-dark
Bulma Theme using Bulma CSS https://themes.gohugo.io/bulma/
After Dark Early fork of After Dark https://github.com/nerdneilsfield/after-dark

Example Sites

The following sites are, or were at one point, using After Dark.

Name Sections Locale Link
habd.as code, posts, sites, talks en-US https://habd.as
TMZ Lair Posts, About, Search en-US https://www.guitmz.com
Mmark: powerful markdown parser Syntax, FAQ, Quick Start, About en-US https://mmark.nl
Valentin Brandl Posts, About, Archive, Contact, Search en-US https://www.vbrandl.net
Mirko Schubert Datenschutz, Impressum de-DE https://mirkoschubert.de
The Maxperience Blog Posts, Git, CV, Search en-us https://maxperience.blog
solenlyser Posts, Search en-US https://solenlyser.se (archived)
Lainblog Posts en-US https://blog.soykaf.com
Lain Radio Club Podcasts en-US https://lainradio.club
Omid Barat Posts, Bitcoin en-US https://omidbarat.com
dtluna's blog About, Source, RSS en-US https://dtluna.net
Plain Dark Posts en-US https://plaindark.com
The Digital Neanderthal Posts en-US https://www.digitalneanderthal.com
softmetzbetrieb About, Posts, Notes, Search de-DE https://softmetz.de
BrandonGiesing.com Blog, CosiCast, Money Routine, Projects, Support Me, Search en-US https://brandongiesing.com

Previous Example Sites

The following list was compiled using referral data from Google Analytics before for sites sending referral traffic and providing referral info when After Dark was still hosted on GitHub. Clicking any of the links below will result in the capture of your geographic location and IP address.

Name Type Link
Hillock Site https://bit.ly/2makIO4
Oki Dwi Yulianto Site https://bit.ly/2o6ctXI
AK Site https://bit.ly/2myQYh7
Valentin Brandl Site https://bit.ly/2n67XZ7
ArkBriar's Dream Site https://bit.ly/2nS4JWe
William Klock Site https://bit.ly/2oE0qNZ
bheisler.github.io Site https://bit.ly/2nEkrTE
Ilker Guller Site https://bit.ly/2nWbSWX
roobr3: carrier lost Site https://bit.ly/2nhvshC
reid/write Site https://bit.ly/2piXHsS
SavyAbby Site https://bit.ly/2ohTAzL
ligature.io Site https://bit.ly/2oRL3ot
zwieratkove recepty Site https://bit.ly/2ojdl9S
Coin Coin Site https://bit.ly/2p887iC
0xbc's blog Site https://bit.ly/2ptQ6cl
Plato's Cave Site https://bit.ly/2qrTvYp
UofA IT Folklore Site https://bit.ly/2ptXhB8
Nirvana principle Site https://bit.ly/2pwM590
True Systems Blog Site https://bit.ly/2p0ygRm
Software Engineer Site https://bit.ly/2qvibTL
Tehrani Blog Site https://bit.ly/2qIipmF
the utterer org Site https://bit.ly/2pIY2Xm
IMPLODE THE SUN Site https://bit.ly/2pbZss8
Γαλαξίας Site https://bit.ly/2qIfU3J
Rumproarious Site https://bit.ly/2pKZw1w
我的博客 Site https://bit.ly/2r0n9Zl
ModularUI Site https://bit.ly/2qz7YEO
There is NO shortcuts Site https://bit.ly/2qBpVmC
Josh Curl Site https://bit.ly/2r1Gubf
Kato's Personal Blog Site https://bit.ly/2r1B689
gaylamcgee Site https://bit.ly/2ruk1oA
The Seven Minute Server Site https://bit.ly/2rbVuAa
muukii docs Site https://bit.ly/2r836bv
Failtime Site https://bit.ly/2s2t8fQ
Panjie SW Life Site https://bit.ly/2r1UOy1
Project Poof Site https://bit.ly/2r1Zeok
Reflections Site https://bit.ly/2sTv5sZ
Hispagatos Site https://bit.ly/2tcfyUp
Nihirash's blog Site https://bit.ly/2tcgYhF
Xakz's Site https://bit.ly/2radk7f
lsfoo Site https://bit.ly/2sKuNYb
Madacluster Site https://bit.ly/2teCXp6
Diego's code snippets Site https://bit.ly/2tHOwEC
dutchx Site https://bit.ly/2tuI8nT
darkowlzz Site https://bit.ly/2uhdT4R
Austin Code House Site https://bit.ly/2uxNScW
Rik{Fun with Flags} Site https://bit.ly/2vvx4rC
Open Source GIS Site https://bit.ly/2wpLWry
SegFault Blog Site https://bit.ly/2vJYyqj
Shvr dot Ga Site https://bit.ly/2j9J255
Jeremy's Ramblings Site https://bit.ly/2gP9y2O
Michael Bebenita (MBX) Site https://bit.ly/2wdkqcW
sampsa.laapotti.net Site https://bit.ly/2xaNxSy
Tastala Site https://bit.ly/2f8Ca3n
BELPHEGOR Site https://bit.ly/2xsS2I0
<<<The Mixed Manual>>> Site https://bit.ly/2ff3Ren
Morgan's Site Site https://bit.ly/2xyCYZN
Caleb Case Site https://bit.ly/2wlZxxg
ForMadPeopleOnly Site https://bit.ly/2wkVQrm
Technology Sucks. Site https://bit.ly/2y91EJ5
TMZ Lair - Underground Coding Site https://bit.ly/2wBzthI
ko.wal.ski Site https://bit.ly/2wNZc6y
root.wtf Site https://bit.ly/2xwKV2p
Notre Dame Linux Users Group Site https://bit.ly/2yG066N
softmetzbetrieb Site https://bit.ly/2la23VX