🍬 WordPress child theme for Septera and Bravada https://habd.as/site/chicago-gang-history-iii/
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WordPress child theme for Septera and Bravada by Cryout Creations.


Created for Chicago Gang History II in 2017 by habd.as. Updated in 2021 for the third installment.


Remove the septera or bravada file extensions depending your WP theme and copy the files from this repo to a valkyrie folder under wp-content/themes or zip up the files and install from WordPress Admin.


  • Use Page Excerpts for Icon Block content
  • Enable Measurement Protocol (GA4)
  • Enable AdSense Auto ads
  • Vanity footer links
  • Add custom CSS styles
  • Subscription form widget styles
  • Bravada: Add Custom HTML (disabled by default)
  • Septera: External background image


Source code licensed under AGPL-3.0 or any later version.


Valkyrie art by Brian.