Muon snapshot at the time Brave announced their move to Chromium
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Muon is a framework that leverages the full power of Chromium including extensions support, and allows you to build browsers and browser like applications with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Node is added into the browser process only for security reasons.

It may be a better fit than Electron for your application, if your application needs to leverage the full support of Chromium, needs tighter security, or needs support for things like autofill and extensions. See the Moving from Electron to Muon guide to help make the transition.

Some of Muons goals include:

  • use the Chromium source directly (eliminating electron's copy of chrome_src) with minor patches
    • make integrating chrome components less painful
    • faster and more streamlined end-to-end build process (see browser-laptop-bootstrap)
  • add support for Chrome extensions
  • add security focused features for the renderer:
    • remove node completely (from the renderer process)
    • full sandbox
    • scriptable window.opener support

Muon is a fork of the Electron framework which is currently used in the Brave web browser.

Follow @brave on Twitter for important announcements.


Prebuilt binaries and debug symbols of Muon for Linux, Windows and macOS can be found on the releases page.


Guides and the API reference are located in the docs directory.

You can also see our wiki for tips on building Muon.

Quick Start

Clone and run the muon-quick repository to see a minimal Muon app in action.


The version numbers for Muon will be major.minor.patch Major version changes are for breaking api changes Minor version changes are for chromium major version changes Patch version changes are for everything else


You can ask questions and interact with the community in the muon community chat room: