🔌 VidYen Plugins for WordPress
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VidYen MMO Web Miner


Each of the folder above is to be zipped before uploading to WordPress. They all work together so it was easier to put them in one repository than make one for every single plugin. For end users just download master and extract folders and then zip them back up for upload, but this is for devs and not for the WordPress.org releases.

This the hot version of the WordPress repo version and may have bugs or issues that cause it to be non-functioning to the general public.

We do have our own built in VY256 Miner which generally avoids adblockers as JS files hosted locally.

Goals are to eventually have APIs that tie into actual webgames. Say Poker or even web based combat games.

Originally, VidYen was a YouTube alternative with a different ranking and monetization system, but it was soon discovered that the same system could be used for just about anything (Web Comics, Message boards, news feeds etc) you can put onto WordPress so it was decided (mainly Felty) to create a system that could be used for that.

== Update Log ==

== 0.1.1 ==

  • Update: Added incremental time to help with long term mining

== 0.1.0 ==

  • Fix: Made the webhook non public and only in the shortcode which cannot be accessed very easily.