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  Pantheon Automation ca4394b428 Amended WordPress 5.4.2 release. 1 year ago
  Greg Anderson 80b2a39c43 [OTTO-357] Add protected_web_paths to upstream 1 year ago
  Pantheon Automation 47bb64d604 Enforce HTTPS. For more info see https://pantheon.io/blog/pantheon-now-enforces-https-default-plus-really-simple-hsts 2 years ago
  Pantheon Automation 43b2a6343b Update to PHP 7.3. For details see https://pantheon.io/blog/faster-wordpress-drupal-8-sites-php-73-default. 2 years ago
  Pantheon Automation 4000e597d4 Update to PHP 7.2. For details see https://pantheon.io/blog/speed-your-site-php-72/ 3 years ago
  Pantheon Automation f6582d67d2 Update to PHP 7.0. For more information about PHP versions, see https://pantheon.io/blog/php-7-by-default. 4 years ago