🔌 Base for Helm chart that uses Ansible to set up a hardened WordPress https://code.habd.as/comfusion/WordPress
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# Do not edit this file unless you are doing so in your custom upstream repository.
# Override the defaults specified here in a site-specific `pantheon.yml` file.
# For more information see: https://pantheon.io/docs/pantheon-upstream-yml
api_version: 1
php_version: 7.3
# See https://pantheon.io/docs/pantheon-yml/#enforce-https--hsts for valid values.
enforce_https: transitional
# See https://pantheon.io/docs/pantheon-yml#protected-web-paths for usage.
- /private/
- /wp-content/uploads/private/
- /xmlrpc.php
# By default, any 'protected_web_paths' added to the pantheon.yml file
# are combined with the paths from the pantheon.upstream.yml file. If
# 'protected_web_paths_override' is set to true, then the upstream paths
# are disabled.
protected_web_paths_override: false