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Added an issue template to be used when creating new issues.
Jordan Wright 4 years ago
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**Thanks for reaching out! We're happy to help resolve issues as quickly as possible.**
**Please use this template when creating a new issue. If you do not follow this template format, your issue may be closed without comment.**
Before filing a new issue, please use the search bar at the top of the browser to search for similar issues. Also, please make sure you have read our [documentation](, which covers how to use Gophish.
What version of Gophish are you using?:
Brief description of the issue:
What are you expecting to see happen? :
What are you seeing happen?
If this question is related to email templates or landing pages not working as expected, please provide your template or landing page below:
Insert code here
Please provide any terminal output that may be relevant below:
Insert output here
Please provide as many steps as you can to reproduce the problem:
* Step 1 -
* Step 2 -