7 Commits (1602-webhook)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jordan Wright 47f0049c30
Refactor servers (#1321) 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright 7dcf30f277
Add Support for Timed Campaigns (#1184) 3 years ago
  Jordan Wright 9f334281ab Added X-Mailer and X-Gophish-Contact headers (Ref: #1057) 3 years ago
  Jordan Wright 5d23263898
Moved logging to logrus package. Not perfect yet (still want to update the access logs), but should set the foundation to make better logging in the future. 3 years ago
  Jordan Wright 0b91404c4f
Resetting connection properly when the underlying TCP connection breaks. Fixes #997 3 years ago
  Jordan Wright 2ff0c3d95c
Storing the underlying connection error after the max connection attempts have been reached. Fixes #963 3 years ago
  Jordan Wright 76ece15b71
Email refactoring (#878) 3 years ago