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  Glenn Wilkinson 9de32746ee Added IMAP support for checking reported emails (#1612) 1 year ago
  Jordan Wright caede2e40b
Refactoring Logging (#1722) 1 year ago
  Jordan Wright 10aa98b760 Moving logging configuration into its own section of the config 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright bef52d36f1 Adding ability to log to file as well as stderr. Fixes #441. Fixes #1209. 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright 64c5e54c64 Added a contact_address entry in config.json to support transparency efforts (ref #1057). 3 years ago
  Jordan Wright 0f5bf29972 Automatic Creation of SSL Certificates (#443) 4 years ago
  Jordan Wright f12af50d46 Adding support for Mysql (#442) 4 years ago
  Jordan Wright 3a37849324 Removed unneeded SMTP config in favor of the Sending Profiles. Fixes #434 4 years ago
  Jordan Wright 379edf73a3 Adding first round of database migrations using goose 5 years ago
  William Woodson 44852546e0 Added UseTLS config option for both Admin and Phish servers 5 years ago
  Jordan 0f603e6501 Added http handler for phishing endpoint - Will add content soon 7 years ago
  Jordan 7eb90b27ad Moved DB to root folder 7 years ago
  Jordan e6343292be Working on setting up Login functionality 7 years ago
  Jordan Wright a64b0c10c9 Moved structs to models.go file 7 years ago
  Jordan Wright a3518032be Added config file integration, updated some styles 7 years ago
  Jordan Wright 1d6e25a2d1 Initial commit - getting the ball rolling! 7 years ago