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  Jordan Wright 120e232cfe Removing accidental dependencies to revert to 3c490dbadb 8 months ago
  Jordan Wright 23154126de Made error handling in the case of a client IP without a port more graceful, so that the ratelimiter doesn't return an error if X-Forwarded-For or X-Real-IP is set. 8 months ago
  Jordan Wright b01bd6cbc0 Updated github.com/jordan-wright/email dependency 9 months ago
  Jordan Wright e3352f481e
Implement SSRF Mitigations (#1940) 10 months ago
  Jordan Wright bb7de8df3e
Initial Implementation of a Password Policy (#1867) 1 year ago
  Jordan Wright 61bbb22f7c Updating the modules used for IMAP and email support 1 year ago
  Jordan Wright 8162a80cb1
Improve the Performance of Sending Emails (#1753) 1 year ago
  Jordan Wright 1733da1fa8 Creating go.mod and go.sum files to establish Gophish as a Go module. 1 year ago