322 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Glenn Wilkinson ced5261678
Added functionality to lock accounts (+bug fix) (#2060) 6 months ago
  Jordan Wright 3c490dbadb Updated JS from #1976 8 months ago
  Glenn Wilkinson b53cff0c98
Added functionality to display last user login (#1967) 8 months ago
  Jordan Wright c1d3c7cd75 Modified frontend reporting logic to be more flexible with campaigns that include a path in their URL. 9 months ago
  Jordan Wright 735880c398 Creating minified JS file from chnages in #1909 10 months ago
  Glenn Wilkinson 0558da90fe
Added support to allow invalid IMAP certificates (#1909) 10 months ago
  Jordan Wright 90fed5a575 Added escaping for error message in sending profile hostname 10 months ago
  Jordan Wright b684fb4ebd Fixing issue where campaigns aren't showing up in the archived tab if they have been marked as completed. 11 months ago
  Jordan Wright 19ef924d89 Properly escaping server output when a request is made to ping a malicious webhook URL. 11 months ago
  Jordan Wright b25f5ac5e4 Updated PapaParse config to prevent CSV injection. 11 months ago
  Jordan Wright 4e9b94b641 Fixed validation when setting IMAP hostname 11 months ago
  Jordan Wright bb7de8df3e
Initial Implementation of a Password Policy (#1867) 1 year ago
  Jordan Wright ec8b17238e General code cleanup as part of an effort to integrate staticcheck into our CI pipeline. 1 year ago
  Jordan Wright b57210f6e7 Rebuilt JS files from #1812 1 year ago
  Jordan Wright b29544c208 Rebuilding JS files from #1838 1 year ago
  Prasoon Dwivedi 353639e168
Use GroupsSummary to create and copy campaign (#1838) 1 year ago
  Jordan Wright 726e3c96ac Rebuilding JS files from #1830 1 year ago
  Prasoon Dwivedi 40b77840f5
Add favicon (#1831) 1 year ago
  Prasoon Dwivedi 116c2a7e7e
Load datatable rows all at once (#1830) 1 year ago
  Glenn Wilkinson 38a6a77c9c
Added ability to allow admin to 'su' to other accounts (#1812) 1 year ago
  Jordan Wright 118d9899d6 Updated minified scripts from #1772 1 year ago
  Paul Werther c0be58aa3d
Add "mark as reported" to results table (#1772) 1 year ago
  Jordan Wright 2e3aacd22d
Remove Unused Variable (#1774) 1 year ago
  Jordan Wright ecb6d46914 Rebuilding minified JS to support #1722 1 year ago
  Glenn Wilkinson 9de32746ee Added IMAP support for checking reported emails (#1612) 1 year ago
  Jordan Wright 01287e0dd5 Minor cleanup on webhook feature integration 1 year ago
  Alex Maslakov 28cd7a238e Add Webhook Support 1 year ago
  Jordan Wright 6222c5e180
Upgrade SweetAlert2 Dependency (#1583) 1 year ago
  David Maciejak 24fe998a3a Fix multiple XSS issues in User Management Page (#1547) 1 year ago
  Jordan Wright a1a2de13a4 Added a check to ensure the target details are correct if manually created. 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright 84096b8724
Implement User Management API (#1473) 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright 6ca2b76ceb
Update Javascript Dependencies (#1440) 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright 2eb4f4d348
Move API key to Bearer Token (#1439) 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright 3cec2dabbf
Add Archived Campaigns View (#1367) 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright ba8ceb81da
Initial commit of RBAC support. (#1366) 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright 4ec9f07859 Updating campaign datepicker format to match other date formats. Fixes #1288 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright b4ff771b3a Added autocomplete for template tags to the editor for email templates and landing pages. 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright 60133b45e8 Updated CKEditor to 4.11.1 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright 191ec6e436 Added the CKEditor link dialog fixes to the email templates 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright ea97d6257d Cleaned up CKEditor link dialog to be more simple. Related to #1327 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright 3b248d25c7
Make Campaign Results Pie Chart Consistent with Dashboard (#1272) 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright 468da007d5 Added result ID to campaign results view. Fixes #1239 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright ebc099b6c2 Changed modals to avoid exiting when the user clicks outside them. Fixes #1236 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright c315867cea Removing console debug statements 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright a0c1860a0a Fixed bug when copying campaign. 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright c9e800dda7 Updated campaigns.js to automatically default dropdown values if only one option is available. 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright de3c3a2e9c Fixed ability to sort campaign results by reported status. Fixes #1157 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright fa1d4d74b0 Added sweetalert2 delete dialogs to all objects for consistency. 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright 7dcf30f277
Add Support for Timed Campaigns (#1184) 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright f09b448ec1 Added device details to clicked link and submitted data events. Fixes #1009 3 years ago