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  Jordan Wright ec8b17238e General code cleanup as part of an effort to integrate staticcheck into our CI pipeline. 1 year ago
  Jordan Wright 138b486b2f Caching the campaign for those that are launched immediately. This is related to #1726 1 year ago
  Jordan Wright 8162a80cb1
Improve the Performance of Sending Emails (#1753) 1 year ago
  Jordan Wright be459e47bf
Refactoring tests to remove stretchr/testify dependency 1 year ago
  Jordan Wright a73ac4ab7c Fixed various minor linting issues 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright 47f0049c30
Refactor servers (#1321) 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright 7dcf30f277
Add Support for Timed Campaigns (#1184) 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright ebb6cd61b2 Implemented the ability to preview landing pages when sending a test email. 3 years ago
  Jordan Wright 5d23263898
Moved logging to logrus package. Not perfect yet (still want to update the access logs), but should set the foundation to make better logging in the future. 3 years ago
  Jordan Wright 76ece15b71
Email refactoring (#878) 3 years ago
  Jordan Wright 10ff5c181b Using SetAddressHeader to better format the SMTP From Address. Fixes #135. 3 years ago
  Jordan Wright 58a57589bd Updates all datetimes to use UTC on the backend. This includes a DB migration to convert existing dates. 3 years ago
  Jordan Wright dac581a7eb Adding "Content-ID" headers to attachments to help support possible embedded images. Addresses #251 4 years ago
  Jordan Wright 269568148e Phishing emails are now sent in "First Last <email@domain.com>" format. 4 years ago
  Jordan Wright 66c4be3d4f Adding support for custom headers in sending profiles (#544) 4 years ago
  Jordan Wright 19021b6c91 Added alt attribute to tracking images. Fixes #447 4 years ago
  Jordan Wright b403e97eee Cleaning up some email sending bugs. Fixes #329 4 years ago
  Jordan Wright 5cdfcbfe37 Now setting configured hostname when sending emails. Fixes #317 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright 082023aae0 Adding the ability to schedule campaigns. Fixes #21 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright a8aac75f99 Migrating to use github.com/gomail/gomail to provide: 5 years ago
  Eliott T 7f1aeb02d5 Update worker.go 5 years ago
  DeveloppSoft c83ce80d13 Making tracker image fully invisible 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright e3f1b163fc Fixed duplicate attachments. Fixes #185 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright 3f08c160ec Added ability to have "{{.From}}" in sending a test email. Fixes #162 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright b03d986d67 Removing debug line 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright 1e3a02673c Attachments are now fetched on GetTemplateByName 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright 26577bc3c3 Handling SMTP TLS via email.SendWithTLS 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright bbe97f5602 Working on ignoring certs 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright c436bdb514 Added UI checkbox... working on sendmail function 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright 17e81e6caa Added event on sending email error. Fixes #99 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright e4d6e68147 Added ability to send a test email before launching a campaign 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright e78ec27ef2 Adding package documentation for util and worker packages 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright 86e0255ae6 Adding event for each email that's sent - can keep track of each target better this way. 5 years ago
  William Woodson 3a0fa4f93f Update bcrypt dependency and code moved to gophish group 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright 01c3da611b PhishHandler now loads landing page content. Fixes #37 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright b574fb2741 Implemented campaign.URL. Fixed #32 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright d0cc39c84e Fixed syntax error on TrackingURL 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright 9b597fea92 Changed {{Tracker}} to be a full image tag, while {{TrackingURL}} is just the URL if needed. 5 years ago
  unknown 7af35237a7 Working on tracking and email handling - want to make it as smooth as possible 6 years ago
  unknown 66dbe2e799 Cleaned up error messages - *all* errors in JSON format 6 years ago
  unknown 5d1774996f Allowing subject template values. Fixes #6 6 years ago
  unknown c318424ac0 Starting to integrate landing page functionality (still not working). 6 years ago
  Jordan 33b9ec2196 Bug fixes on PUT /api/template 6 years ago
  Jordan cc2ae713e5 Made models more consistent 7 years ago
  Jordan 02c7c4b5b1 Moved models.Result into its own file 7 years ago
  Jordan f3ddb7074a api/campaigns now also gets the Events and Template for the campaign(s) 7 years ago
  Jordan 49da412538 Adding handling for campaign events 7 years ago
  Jordan a1b6218473 Refined models 7 years ago
  Jordan 7c50f4dbb4 Initial commit of worker.go (Still work to do) 7 years ago