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  Jordan bb627396ee Implemented Flashes (Model and functionality) 7 years ago
  Jordan 7eb90b27ad Moved DB to root folder 7 years ago
  Jordan d4dbf30499 Changed Setup() to only return an error - I will need to find a way to handle the database connection either globally, or per package as needed. Not sure yet. 7 years ago
  Jordan 6cf9ae4bb8 Moved api.go to controllers - This commit shows the old one was deleted. 7 years ago
  Jordan 7f084760f9 Major refactoring - created auth, config, models, controllers, and middleware packages. Should help provide modularity and a clean architecture. 7 years ago
  Jordan 326ab52146 Working on authentication 7 years ago
  Jordan e6343292be Working on setting up Login functionality 7 years ago
  Jordan Wright 5a5c9f600f Working on SendMail (currently NOT functional) 7 years ago
  Jordan Wright a64b0c10c9 Moved structs to models.go file 7 years ago
  Jordan Wright 25a06a14a0 Working on adding session support 7 years ago
  Jordan Wright ceaf400206 Changed API_Campaigns_Id to be one method 7 years ago
  Jordan Wright a3518032be Added config file integration, updated some styles 7 years ago
  Jordan Wright f32989b4c5 Created actual *templates* 7 years ago
  Jordan Wright 90b1384d9e Added logo to readme 7 years ago
  Jordan Wright 1d6e25a2d1 Initial commit - getting the ball rolling! 7 years ago
  Jordan Wright fbc864cb98 Initial commit 7 years ago