688 Commits (91d798336f3849a3f3dd7acf62e5cc47ba4d7fdc)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  JoseW3b 91d798336f Get send_by_date (#1720) 1 year ago
  Jordan Wright da4e468c1f Deleted unneeded .DS_Store file that was accidentally merged as part of #1642. 1 year ago
  Chris Zietlow f570a611db Fix webhooks db migration. (#1697) 1 year ago
  Jordan Wright 9d430c90ab Added gofmt requirement to CI 1 year ago
  Jordan Wright 01287e0dd5 Minor cleanup on webhook feature integration 1 year ago
  Alex Maslakov 28cd7a238e Add Webhook Support 1 year ago
  Jordan Wright 699532f256 Remove support for Go 1.9. 1 year ago
  Jordan Wright 79e680e675 Updates the tls.Config of the phishing and admin servers to support TLS 1.2 as the minimum TLS version. This addresses #1691 and #1689. 1 year ago
  Jordan Wright 44f88401bb
Performance Improvements for Campaign and Group Creation (#1686) 1 year ago
  Jordan Wright c2f579a2c5 Updated the Dockerfile to allow the gophish binary to bind to privileged ports. Fixes #1660. 1 year ago
  Michael Eder 1aab1a34ba 1624 - Return API Key on Password Change (#1663) 1 year ago
  dependabot[bot] e812ea0dfb Bump lodash from 4.17.11 to 4.17.15 (#1509) 1 year ago
  dependabot[bot] 38876339c0 Bump mixin-deep from 1.3.1 to 1.3.2 (#1654) 1 year ago
  SamSutt c5dc71662a Bugfix Issue 1570 (#1640) 1 year ago
  Glenn Wilkinson 28252bcb56 Will exit on port binding failure (#1635) 1 year ago
  quelsan 3227437f52 Improved Dockerfile and run script (#1579) 2 years ago
  Gábor Lipták c3e90183c8 Add Go 1.13 to Travis (#1610) 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright 6222c5e180
Upgrade SweetAlert2 Dependency (#1583) 2 years ago
  David Maciejak 20295bd96a Remove the Top Navigation Menu 2 years ago
  David Maciejak 24fe998a3a Fix multiple XSS issues in User Management Page (#1547) 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright f95e9554c7
Add CORS support for Reporting Handler (#1529) 2 years ago
  dependabot[bot] 1f16c7237d Bump lodash from 4.17.11 to 4.17.14 (#1507) 2 years ago
  dependabot[bot] d30e9e2e2f Bump lodash.merge from 4.6.1 to 4.6.2 (#1508) 2 years ago
  Christian Schwartz 26d99b5a65 Add support for encrypted connections to mysql (#1460) 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright a1a2de13a4 Added a check to ensure the target details are correct if manually created. 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright 84096b8724
Implement User Management API (#1473) 2 years ago
  Gábor Lipták faadf0c850 Add Go 1.12 to Travis (#1472) 2 years ago
  David Maciejak de21f608d6 Prevent adding an empty recipient (#1448) 2 years ago
  Will Woodson 27553ccc1f Add Dockerfile (#1437) 2 years ago
  Chris Zietlow 8d95ceb31a Update Sending Profile Message-ID headers (#1417) (#1441) 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright 6ca2b76ceb
Update Javascript Dependencies (#1440) 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright 2eb4f4d348
Move API key to Bearer Token (#1439) 2 years ago
  gfrancqu af4c8f61da Wait for db (#1402) 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright 5c753465d1 Quick fix: Forgot to remove api_test.go 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright e634cbd670 Moving api_test.go to controllers_test.go 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright 1e0a78db30
Refactoring API into separate package for easier management. (#1411) 2 years ago
  Russel Van Tuyl 8b27d852d8 Go min version (#1386) 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright 11493024a0 Changed MySQL column type for redirect_url to "TEXT" to avoid truncation. 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright 8d32bc2fab Fixed phishing server log output. Fixes #1345 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright 3cec2dabbf
Add Archived Campaigns View (#1367) 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright ba8ceb81da
Initial commit of RBAC support. (#1366) 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright 4ec9f07859 Updating campaign datepicker format to match other date formats. Fixes #1288 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright b4ff771b3a Added autocomplete for template tags to the editor for email templates and landing pages. 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright 60133b45e8 Updated CKEditor to 4.11.1 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright 191ec6e436 Added the CKEditor link dialog fixes to the email templates 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright ea97d6257d Cleaned up CKEditor link dialog to be more simple. Related to #1327 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright af293da9f5
Adding a Missed SQL Migration (#1330) 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright ba967a7244
Added quotes for table names in MySQL migrations to avoid clashing with reserved keywords. Fixes #1325 (#1329) 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright 53b3a98521 Deleting maillogs when a campaign is completed to prevent accidental future emails from being sent. Fixes #719 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright c14be36e05 Delete maillogs if a campaign is deleted. Fixes #1318 2 years ago