30 Commits (bb7de8df3e7d0e945219751f3012b7d52d022719)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jordan Wright bb7de8df3e
Initial Implementation of a Password Policy (#1867) 1 year ago
  Jordan Wright ec8b17238e General code cleanup as part of an effort to integrate staticcheck into our CI pipeline. 1 year ago
  Jordan Wright 84096b8724
Implement User Management API (#1473) 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright ba8ceb81da
Initial commit of RBAC support. (#1366) 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright a73ac4ab7c Fixed various minor linting issues 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright 47f0049c30
Refactor servers (#1321) 2 years ago
  Jordan Wright 5f3c94d0cf
Add support for authenticating to the API via an Authorization Bearer token. 3 years ago
  Jordan Wright aa8c770e73 Adding "next" parameter to support redirecting after successful login. 3 years ago
  Jordan Wright b3cadcb01f Fixing middleware JSON responses 4 years ago
  Jordan Wright 103fd72cc8 Fixing context issues with Go 1.7. 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright 32aaa15da7 Added documentation for multiple endpoints. Fixes #54 5 years ago
  William Woodson 3a0fa4f93f Update bcrypt dependency and code moved to gophish group 5 years ago
  unknown 669d96d279 More work implementing pages. 6 years ago
  Jordan 96cefc4931 Cleaned up possible (very unlikely?) permission issue 7 years ago
  Jordan c349860878 Middleware now returns JSON error message 7 years ago
  Jordan e137126a90 Working on gorm integration 7 years ago
  Jordan 584d7dbc23 Major refactoring - modularized models into separate files. Removed db package (moved to models) 7 years ago
  Jordan 73db7fbdf9 Fixed invalid/unset API Key header to be 400 instead of 500 7 years ago
  Jordan af7a8f4c4e Added easier support for Flashes 7 years ago
  Jordan 359fa01c1c Cleaned up csrf exemptions 7 years ago
  Jordan 87fbd41184 Changing int to int64 7 years ago
  Jordan c60b9d584b - Working on implementing the API (started working on /api/campaigns) 7 years ago
  Jordan 2a88b259b3 Working on API layout 7 years ago
  Jordan cdb4181406 Renamed CheckLogin to Login 7 years ago
  Jordan 2a62f62bc6 Cleaned API even more (everything is via HandlerFunc) 7 years ago
  Jordan 42d7c463df Moved Use() to controllers from middleware for cleaner usage (I'll consider moving it back if it doesn't logically make sense) 7 years ago
  Jordan 61ef18b3b4 Implemented auth.GetUser(id) 7 years ago
  Jordan bb627396ee Implemented Flashes (Model and functionality) 7 years ago
  Jordan 7eb90b27ad Moved DB to root folder 7 years ago
  Jordan 7f084760f9 Major refactoring - created auth, config, models, controllers, and middleware packages. Should help provide modularity and a clean architecture. 7 years ago