410 Commits (d04c562d7e9637db1ef5d258017553438de87504)

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  Jordan Wright d04c562d7e Updated API for release 0.1.2 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright 1ded863487 Merge pull request #190 from gophish/187-datatables-style-fix 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright 625f4f8dc0 Ignoring error for no sending profile found. Fixes #189 5 years ago
  Justin Gray a3b89472e0 Added hotfix for issues, closes #187. There could be a better way to do this. 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright 0741e163f5 Merge pull request #186 from rcutmore/confirm-password 5 years ago
  Rob Cutmore a5a7b23479 Use more descriptive variable names in auth.go 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright e3f1b163fc Fixed duplicate attachments. Fixes #185 5 years ago
  Rob Cutmore e39ae8dfdd Confirm password on registration or change 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright 9485ea2ecd Removing unneeded bootstrap backup file. 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright f3a3a6e79a Fixed trimmed logo on mobile devices. Fixes #82 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright 76962749b1 Moved "Add Tracking Image" changes to the copy() function 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright 78f378fc28 Added better handling of the "Include Tracking Image" option 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright 8a3f990d1f Updated User Guide 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright af91483cd4 Merge pull request #169 from gophish/78-store-smtp-settings 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright 6b61b24f68 Merge branch 'master' into 78-store-smtp-settings 5 years ago
  William Woodson 5afaea8d6d Remove attempt to migrate from existing SMTP since it is unsafe in multi user environments and confusing + breaks relationships when entries are de-duped. 5 years ago
  William Woodson 7d52c8a7ab Update campaign copy function to work with saved SMTP data 5 years ago
  William Woodson abec9adfba Return an SMTP object via GET /campaigns 5 years ago
  William Woodson c066fa9d52 Merge branch '78-store-smtp-settings' of github.com:gophish/gophish into 78-store-smtp-settings 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright 49e575cf56 Making the Name column a bit wider so that the "Interface" column doesn't take up all the room. 5 years ago
  William Woodson cc241ea67e Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/160-clone-campaigns' into 78-store-smtp-settings 5 years ago
  William Woodson 56c9ea070b Fixed isses with SMTP table migration: better names on created objects, all SMTP records are imported with appropriate user_id, entries are de-duped based on user_id:host:from_address tuple 5 years ago
  William Woodson 7ca63f55be gofmt, because that is a thing 5 years ago
  William Woodson f1d1d6838b Updated js on sending_profiles page to work with updated /util/send_test_email 5 years ago
  William Woodson 80fc04924d Added handling to /util/send_test_email to use default on empty template and accept a validated SMTP object from send test email workflow on sending profiles page 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright 4810222404 Merge branch '124-capture-passwords' 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright b0dd96d088 Merge branch 'master' into 124-capture-passwords 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright 44fa8127fc Adding the ability to capture submitted data via the UI. Fixes #124 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright af76603949 Adding tests 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright 89ae56fb94 Merge pull request #174 from gophish/148-polling 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright 79627d5579 Fixed caret not being saved. 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright 0c72e8b69a Added updating of datamaps with new bubbles 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright 95fb02bade Cleaning up some logic on updating the email chart legend. 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright 53e5508bca Upgrading Datatables 5 years ago
  William Woodson ffb14b7927 Created default email template and landing page passed for _send_test_email_ in sending profile page 5 years ago
  William Woodson e889052a90 Merge branch '78-store-smtp-settings' of github.com:gophish/gophish into 78-store-smtp-settings 5 years ago
  William Woodson 3e69a4f4e8 Update 20160221001538_0.1.2_store-smtp-settings.sql 5 years ago
  William Woodson a3376a702f Working on send test email in sending_profiles page 5 years ago
  William Woodson a2ee229848 More cleaning up artifacts in modals on edit/copy/new for #143 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright 553ead7d68 Moved fmt prints to Logger prints 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright 78203ad208 Added tests for SMTP 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright d1de466cc9 Validating on PUT 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright 7bf2c00356 gofmt'ing 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright f7b63adfbb Added basic polling updates for the charts. Made the call to get campaign results be async. 5 years ago
  William Woodson 9c7adb9941 Cleaning up artifacts in modals on edit/copy/new for #143 5 years ago
  William Woodson 5b1ffe39b7 Fixed issue with smtp table migration from 0.1.2 db 5 years ago
  William Woodson 2dd31c58c3 Fixed "edit" and "copy" buttons on sending profiles datatable 5 years ago
  William Woodson 9818410fcf Updated campaign creation and send_test_email to use settings from sending profile 5 years ago
  William Woodson b2eafd07c3 Updated new campaigns modal, send test email modal, and js to use sending profile 5 years ago
  William Woodson 3d8126e981 Started frontend work for sending test email from sending_profiles page. This will need to wait for rewrite of /util/send_test_email to send with default template, etc. 5 years ago