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  Jordan Wright 32aaa15da7 Added documentation for multiple endpoints. Fixes #54 5 years ago
  Jordan Wright 379edf73a3 Adding first round of database migrations using goose 5 years ago
  William Woodson 44852546e0 Added UseTLS config option for both Admin and Phish servers 5 years ago
  Jordan c9d00059b0 Updated dashboard diagrams 7 years ago
  Jordan 0f603e6501 Added http handler for phishing endpoint - Will add content soon 7 years ago
  Jordan cb9c405f46 Added better testing with gocheck 7 years ago
  Jordan 584d7dbc23 Major refactoring - modularized models into separate files. Removed db package (moved to models) 7 years ago
  Jordan 7f084760f9 Major refactoring - created auth, config, models, controllers, and middleware packages. Should help provide modularity and a clean architecture. 7 years ago