🎣 Open-Source Phishing Toolkit
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Tested on Ubuntu 16.04.4.

Installs Postfix (to listen on localhost only) and the latest Linux gophish binary. setcap is used to allow the gophish binary to listen on privileged ports without running as root.

1) Edit hosts file with the Gophish server IP.

2) Edit vars/main.yml with any changes:

3) Modify files/config.json with any changes.

4) Execute

# Log in as root with SSH key
ansible-playbook site.yml -i hosts -u root --private-key=private.key

# Log in as root with password
ansible-playbook site.yml -i hosts -u root --ask-pass

# Log in as non-root user with SSH key (if root login has been disabled)
ansible-playbook site.yml -i hosts --private-key=private.key -u user --become --ask-sudo-pass

# Logging in as non-root user without SSH keys
ansible-playbook site.yml -i hosts -u ubuntu --ask-pass --become --ask-sudo-pass