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package api
import (
mid "github.com/gophish/gophish/middleware"
// ServerOption is an option to apply to the API server.
type ServerOption func(*Server)
// Server represents the routes and functionality of the Gophish API.
// It's not a server in the traditional sense, in that it isn't started and
// stopped. Rather, it's meant to be used as an http.Handler in the
// AdminServer.
type Server struct {
handler http.Handler
worker worker.Worker
// NewServer returns a new instance of the API handler with the provided
// options applied.
func NewServer(options ...ServerOption) *Server {
defaultWorker, _ := worker.New()
as := &Server{
worker: defaultWorker,
for _, opt := range options {
return as
// WithWorker is an option that sets the background worker.
func WithWorker(w worker.Worker) ServerOption {
return func(as *Server) {
as.worker = w
func (as *Server) registerRoutes() {
root := mux.NewRouter()
root = root.StrictSlash(true)
router := root.PathPrefix("/api/").Subrouter()
router.HandleFunc("/reset", as.Reset)
router.HandleFunc("/campaigns/", as.Campaigns)
router.HandleFunc("/campaigns/summary", as.CampaignsSummary)
router.HandleFunc("/campaigns/{id:[0-9]+}", as.Campaign)
router.HandleFunc("/campaigns/{id:[0-9]+}/results", as.CampaignResults)
router.HandleFunc("/campaigns/{id:[0-9]+}/summary", as.CampaignSummary)
router.HandleFunc("/campaigns/{id:[0-9]+}/complete", as.CampaignComplete)
router.HandleFunc("/groups/", as.Groups)
router.HandleFunc("/groups/summary", as.GroupsSummary)
router.HandleFunc("/groups/{id:[0-9]+}", as.Group)
router.HandleFunc("/groups/{id:[0-9]+}/summary", as.GroupSummary)
router.HandleFunc("/templates/", as.Templates)
router.HandleFunc("/templates/{id:[0-9]+}", as.Template)
router.HandleFunc("/pages/", as.Pages)
router.HandleFunc("/pages/{id:[0-9]+}", as.Page)
router.HandleFunc("/smtp/", as.SendingProfiles)
router.HandleFunc("/smtp/{id:[0-9]+}", as.SendingProfile)
router.HandleFunc("/users/", mid.Use(as.Users, mid.RequirePermission(models.PermissionModifySystem)))
router.HandleFunc("/users/{id:[0-9]+}", mid.Use(as.User))
router.HandleFunc("/util/send_test_email", as.SendTestEmail)
router.HandleFunc("/import/group", as.ImportGroup)
router.HandleFunc("/import/email", as.ImportEmail)
router.HandleFunc("/import/site", as.ImportSite)
as.handler = router
func (as *Server) ServeHTTP(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
as.handler.ServeHTTP(w, r)