553 Commits (develop)

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  poeti8 2cbf79aef0 2.7.2 2 months ago
  poeti8 5e42185df5 fix: remove www when checking and adding domains 2 months ago
  Pouria Ezzati 403d946128
Merge pull request #404 from TheYahya/add-search-in-domains 2 months ago
  Pouria Ezzati cce84b7859
Merge pull request #398 from hashworks/patch-1 2 months ago
  Yahya SayadArbabi 35c4b23d15 Add domain search 3 months ago
  Justin Kromlinger ff26f38f3a
Add Gist link to a simple BASH function for the API 3 months ago
  poeti8 7c4d273213 2.7.1 4 months ago
  poeti8 024de9a859 style: update lint 4 months ago
  poeti8 f03c6978b6 fix: multiple users using same custom url 4 months ago
  Pouria Ezzati c2b30a07aa
Merge pull request #390 from oliverkane/oliverkane-allow-un/pw-to-be-optional-for-SMTP-config 4 months ago
  oliverkane 4f3e9833de
Update mail.ts 5 months ago
  Pouria Ezzati 749827a0a5
Fix small typos (#387) 5 months ago
  poeti8 23557ac94e Merge branches 'develop' and 'develop' of github.com:thedevs-network/kutt into develop 5 months ago
  poeti8 acba603f80 2.7.0 5 months ago
  poeti8 9e99c2ce51 feat: add change email functionality 5 months ago
  Diego Barreiro 771713dd12
Update .template.env 5 months ago
  Diego Barreiro 03922fa6fd
Update .example.env 5 months ago
  Diego Barreiro 31b51218cb
Update .docker.env 5 months ago
  John Clark b3b7a0273c
Upgrade to sentry (#374) 6 months ago
  Sebastian Duda 0a2f295b2c
Add the documentation how to configure Kutt (#368) 6 months ago
  poeti8 f7c191fb63 Merge branch 'develop' of github.com:thedevs-network/kutt into develop 6 months ago
  poeti8 5521a75495 2.6.1 6 months ago
  poeti8 5c322a42a0 fix: add disallow examples to docker env 6 months ago
  Pouria Ezzati 249e130da9
docs(readme): list new features 6 months ago
  poeti8 9333bdeb4d 2.6.0 6 months ago
  poeti8 b229a3ad88 feat: add disallow registration and anonymous links option 6 months ago
  poeti8 dbc402f0c5 fix: description input width on small screen 6 months ago
  poeti8 220da8e7f9 2.5.0 6 months ago
  poeti8 00fc1faed9 feat: add link expiration 6 months ago
  poeti8 feb14faf27 chore: increase number of processors for visit queue 6 months ago
  poeti8 c5ba1d67ae fix: apply non-logged-in cooldown 7 months ago
  poeti8 21bd3f1132 fix: do not execute recaptcha if no site key 7 months ago
  poeti8 e5e2198da1 docs: add description 7 months ago
  poeti8 203962e2e9 fix: allow fields to be falsy 7 months ago
  poeti8 7a1ae9ad27 fix: allow field to be null 7 months ago
  poeti8 3aab6cb73d feat: only use recaptcha if value exists. 7 months ago
  Pouria Ezzati 6ba089389d
docs(readme): donate style 7 months ago
  poeti8 5526d89e26 docs(readme): add donate section 7 months ago
  poeti8 824d6eed03 2.4.6 7 months ago
  poeti8 36d4386e56 fix: searching for links 7 months ago
  Sebastian Duda f9813bb854
feat: sanitize docker-compose (#360) 7 months ago
  Pouria Ezzati fe1386844a
chore: remove quotes 7 months ago
  Pouria Ezzati 7cb6a549a3
docs(changelog): add docker hub link 7 months ago
  Sebastian Duda 9bb2f0330a
Add official docker image (#358) 7 months ago
  poeti8 794184f8f0 2.4.5 7 months ago
  poeti8 89160b9bb0 fix: make sure local env exists 7 months ago
  poeti8 8b82150d52 2.4.4 7 months ago
  poeti8 9f9b6dfb5f fix: use dotenv instead of envalid for next 7 months ago
  poeti8 36f776f5ee 2.4.3 7 months ago
  poeti8 9ff27467d1 chore: move next build after typescript build 7 months ago