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  poeti8 9e99c2ce51 feat: add change email functionality 7 months ago
  poeti8 00fc1faed9 feat: add link expiration 8 months ago
  glenn-louarn e492542428
feat: Add description for links fix #51 (#342) 9 months ago
  poeti8 25903bf3cd feat: api v2 1 year ago
  poeti8 d1d335c8b1 feat: (wip) api v3 1 year ago
  Pouria Ezzati 4680a0dbec
feat: refactor client and improve design (#260) 1 year ago
  Pouria Ezzati 33320f0205
[v2-beta] Move from Neo4j to Postgres, use TypeScript for server. Fixes #217, #197, #190, #75 (#220) 1 year ago
  poeti8 752dc7cd6c 💥 Move to Postgres from MongoDB 1 year ago