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@ -14,8 +14,7 @@
TODO animate prop can be 'true' to use default animation, 'fadeDown', wobble, fast, slow, ...
TODO add types to every section component, these are all PageCOntainerProps + { ... }
TODO animate prop can be 'fadeDown', wobble, fast, slow, ...
TODO add more examples in docs pages, one example for
- light mode
- dark mode
@ -27,8 +26,11 @@ TODO make the landing page copy, add features and benefits, detailed footer
TODO add gumroad element to the landing page to buy the demos code
TODO team
TODO secondary buttons
TODO mockups svg components
TODO timeline and goals like funding rounds, where we are going
TODO secondary buttons examples
TODO featuresGrid not using grid or grid polyfill
TODO illustrations components themeable with emotion
## project generation
a wizard takes the values to continue, every step is made by a single sorm element