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  remorses 730b3f26fa docs(changeset): Re enabled animations, fix ts error 6 months ago
  remorses 90a399d3b2 landing-blocks/src: using faded again 6 months ago
  remorses 4fc30b02a6 changelog 7 months ago
  remorses e5220e5987 landing-blocks/tsconfig: use declaration maps 7 months ago
  remorses d64848c012 updated to latest chakra 7 months ago
  remorses ade9ca911b RELEASING: Releasing 1 package(s) 7 months ago
  remorses c77801ce0b docs(changeset): Publish esm 7 months ago
  remorses 8f1834a647 RELEASING: Releasing 1 package(s) 7 months ago
  bump-version 4e2f099b6b Landing-blocks Version 1.0.61 [skip ci] 9 months ago
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  remorses cef68de976 landing-blocks/src/Button: fix tsc error 9 months ago
  bump-version 68cfcb085c Landing-blocks Version 1.0.60 [skip ci] 10 months ago
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  remorses 6c50741156 landing-blocks/src/hooks: removed require call 10 months ago
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  remorses b910a5552f Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/remorses/landing-blocks into master 10 months ago
  remorses b804a7c729 landing-blocks/src/LandingProvider: fix mobile overflow x 10 months ago
  bump-version ee5811fe21 Landing-blocks Version 1.0.58 [skip ci] 10 months ago
  remorses 35f05320cb landing-blocks/src/LandingProvider: fix safari laggish scroll 10 months ago
  bump-version ccfdb28768 Landing-blocks Version 1.0.57 [skip ci] 11 months ago
  remorses 8d3b9cd0a9 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/remorses/landing-blocks 11 months ago
  remorses 3b3d4201a6 landing-blocks/src/LandingProvider: added the pagePadding prop 11 months ago
  remorses 12052b8e47 landing-blocks/src/LandingProvider: added pagePadding 11 months ago
  bump-version 2c64dc4ae2 Landing-blocks Version 1.0.56 [skip ci] 11 months ago
  remorses e16d14e0fa landing-blocks/src/Hero: changed max w 11 months ago
  bump-version 4e30aa4874 Landing-blocks Version 1.0.55 [skip ci] 1 year ago
  remorses eba589fcb6 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/remorses/landing-blocks 1 year ago
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  bump-version a8d522e77b Landing-blocks Version 1.0.54 [skip ci] 1 year ago
  remorses 1f9940602c website/pages/index: 1 year ago
  bump-version f37eaec4af Landing-blocks Version 1.0.53 [skip ci] 1 year ago
  remorses e721c5d279 landing-blocks/src: added pagePadding 1 year ago
  remorses e5eaf58155 landing-blocks/src/Banner: fix banners height cta 1 year ago
  remorses dd5ad6bd72 website/pages/demo_roll/[name]: fix iframe 1 year ago
  remorses b05d1bfea6 refactor how it works 1 year ago
  bump-version fefeec4aae Landing-blocks Version 1.0.52 [skip ci] 1 year ago
  Navin Moorthy e35b6b8414 Remove isTrucated from Chakra's Stack. 1 year ago
  bump-version 38cf8d8dce Landing-blocks Version 1.0.51 [skip ci] 1 year ago
  remorses 0197be56f4 website/pages/docs/index: index docs 1 year ago
  remorses ba61c65a70 website/pages/docs/components/feature: changed feature 1 year ago
  remorses 51f8061439 website/pages: added more stuff 1 year ago
  remorses 7420305c89 website/pages: made testimonials 1 year ago
  remorses 082efe989d made countdown 1 year ago
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  remorses fbb1a58922 made the how it works section 1 year ago
  remorses 7294f6c430 website/pages/docs/components/featuresList: more features docs 1 year ago
  remorses 14a12eafec website/pages: made feature 1 year ago
  remorses a111128c5b more docs to hero 1 year ago
  bump-version 83f930f1b0 Landing-blocks Version 1.0.50 [skip ci] 1 year ago