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  remorses 0c56956d11 landing-blocks/src/Button: cooler button 3 days ago
  remorses eed8faf75f landing-blocks/src/HowItWorks: more opacity in how to 3 days ago
  remorses ffd6559689 landing-blocks/src/LandingProvider: do not force opacity 1 3 days ago
  remorses 833115964e landing-blocks/src/hooks: do not recreate component even if animate props change 1 week ago
  remorses 39e48d1548 landing-blocks/src/hooks: higher tresh 1 week ago
  remorses 123b730b0e landing-blocks/src/hooks: pass animate options 1 week ago
  remorses df23c2bc3b landing-blocks/src/Hero: do not use faded on heading 1 week ago
  remorses a26109f99f landing-blocks/src/layout: as 1 week ago
  remorses c3725250a1 landing-blocks/src/Hero: add faded to hero 1 week ago
  remorses 73ca15cafb landing-blocks/src/Divider: add animate 1 week ago
  remorses 5f9f73bcb2 landing-blocks/src/Divider: added faded to divider 1 week ago
  remorses 0fd0022a0a landing-blocks/src/Banner: animate banner 1 week ago
  remorses 2eb25c8b35 use lateset faded 1 week ago
  remorses 2cea45b7c6 updaed "baby-i-am-faded 1 week ago
  remorses 7cca0a6162 landing-blocks/src/Link: forwardRef on link 1 week ago
  remorses 07a09ce537 landing-blocks/src/Footer: sm 1 week ago
  remorses 2ffe328701 landing-blocks/src/Link: remove font size 1 week ago
  remorses 389d2d476a landing-blocks/src/NavBar: menu box size 1 week ago
  remorses 0ba2c709df landing-blocks/src/NavBar: center menu 1 week ago
  remorses 60201ea637 landing-blocks/src/Footer: 1 week ago
  remorses 1b9292d68f landing-blocks/src/Footer: remove font size 1 week ago
  remorses 02a3fd8a4a lower margin on how to 1 week ago
  remorses 37725d6aaf navSpacing 2 weeks ago
  remorses f55c6b5a82 .github/workflows/landing-blocks: 2 weeks ago
  remorses 0d068eb888 using theme from chakra not emotion 2 weeks ago
  remorses 8d9c83e5c3 added react peer deps 2 weeks ago
  remorses 0800ec0d51 using pnpm in workflow 2 weeks ago
  remorses 8c9920bfd3 using pnpm, added classic runtime, update deps 2 weeks ago
  remorses acf1e8b21d added /** @jsxRuntime classic */ 2 weeks ago
  remorses ffbca9ec7e RELEASING: Releasing 1 package(s) 9 months ago
  remorses 730b3f26fa docs(changeset): Re enabled animations, fix ts error 9 months ago
  remorses 90a399d3b2 landing-blocks/src: using faded again 9 months ago
  remorses 4fc30b02a6 changelog 10 months ago
  remorses e5220e5987 landing-blocks/tsconfig: use declaration maps 10 months ago
  remorses d64848c012 updated to latest chakra 10 months ago
  remorses ade9ca911b RELEASING: Releasing 1 package(s) 10 months ago
  remorses c77801ce0b docs(changeset): Publish esm 10 months ago
  remorses 8f1834a647 RELEASING: Releasing 1 package(s) 10 months ago
  bump-version 4e2f099b6b Landing-blocks Version 1.0.61 [skip ci] 1 year ago
  remorses 043d5d9f53 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/remorses/landing-blocks into master 1 year ago
  remorses cef68de976 landing-blocks/src/Button: fix tsc error 1 year ago
  bump-version 68cfcb085c Landing-blocks Version 1.0.60 [skip ci] 1 year ago
  remorses 519bf0264b Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/remorses/landing-blocks into master 1 year ago
  remorses 6c50741156 landing-blocks/src/hooks: removed require call 1 year ago
  bump-version 1b7d65787d Landing-blocks Version 1.0.59 [skip ci] 1 year ago
  remorses b910a5552f Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/remorses/landing-blocks into master 1 year ago
  remorses b804a7c729 landing-blocks/src/LandingProvider: fix mobile overflow x 1 year ago
  bump-version ee5811fe21 Landing-blocks Version 1.0.58 [skip ci] 1 year ago
  remorses 35f05320cb landing-blocks/src/LandingProvider: fix safari laggish scroll 1 year ago
  bump-version ccfdb28768 Landing-blocks Version 1.0.57 [skip ci] 1 year ago