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@ -12,15 +12,16 @@ _The client_ runs in the browser using javascript and webassembly.
Thanks to [nierdz]( there is a **docker** file available. See below.
# Will the hardfork (<span style="color:red">March 2019</span>) be supported?
# Will RandomX (enabled in October) we supported?
Yes. Update to the current Master branch and you should be fine. Much work was put into optimizing the miner
once again.
No. Not at the moment. The problem here is that in principle one could compile code "on the fly" utilizing
wasm but unfortunately some floating point operations used by RandomX are not supported by wasm. Workarounds
would make the code slow.
Unfortunately the newest version of cryptonight, cn/r (cnv4), does perform poorly on the browser. To partly compensate for this I added cn-pico/trtl and cn-half. If you mine to a pool
which allows autoswitching algorithms (at the moment []( webminerpool will automatically
switch to an algorithm which is most profitable at the moment.
The strategy is to rely on coins which are more easily mined in the browser. Pools like []( let you mine them in direct exchange for Monero.
Turtle coin utilizing cn-lite (very well mineable using webasm) will fork to another POW, called "chukwa".
If there is support for this POW change on moneroocean we will follow. The code is already in place (branch argon2) but needs some serious cleaning and optimizing.
# Currently supported algorithms