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@ -21,9 +21,6 @@ Unfortunately the newest version of cryptonight, cn/r (cnv4), does perform poorl
which allows autoswitching algorithms (at the moment []( webminerpool will automatically
switch to an algorithm which is most profitable at the moment.
## Update notes: It is beneficial to first update your clients (step_A) to the newest mining script (Version 7, the version number can be found in the "handshake-data" within the source code). Wait a few days till your user base followed (because of browser caching) and then update to the newest server version (step_B). This is recommended because of the possibility that the new server negotiates a mining algorithm with the pool, which is not supported by an old client (and therefore is not forwarded by the server).
## step_A and step_B have to be performed before March 9th!
# Currently supported algorithms