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  notgiven688 564d87aaee removed donation 1 year ago
  notgiven688 120be46cc4
Merge pull request #140 from lionel69/master 1 year ago
  Lionel Ahadji 5f66d7bbc6 Update acme to 2.8.5 1 year ago
  Lionel Ahadji cd437cf7a9 Fix missing Donation file 1 year ago
  Lionel Ahadji 2aab482cbc Add gitignore for VS2019 1 year ago
  notgiven688 4af95a34d9 removed donations 1 year ago
  notgiven688 0773b95473
Merge pull request #134 from nierdz/chore/bump-mono-and-acme.sh 1 year ago
  nierdz aa3c0769e7 perf: lighter container using --no-install-recommends 1 year ago
  nierdz bf8e6a8b81 chore: BUMP acme.sh to 2.8.3 1 year ago
  nierdz 2d7a6aba9c chore: BUMP mono to 6 1 year ago
  notgiven688 1e055b5373
Merge pull request #130 from notgiven688/cnrwz 1 year ago
  notgiven688 39f76c3499 readme - fixed order 1 year ago
  notgiven688 8305d2a5e5 cnrwz update for readme 1 year ago
  notgiven688 77878d06e6 compressed miner updated 1 year ago
  notgiven688 c3367385ed miner_raw updated 1 year ago
  notgiven688 88f6fa3e25 added server support for cnrwz 1 year ago
  notgiven688 3a21c6ea73 made c-hashlib threadsafe again 1 year ago
  Thorben Linneweber 2cf172ed47 added cn/rwz to hashlibs 1 year ago
  Thorben Linneweber fdbdf3833e readme typo 1 year ago
  Thorben Linneweber 763af5aea5 modify readme 1 year ago
  notgiven688 a395a9f4f1 modified readme 2 years ago
  notgiven688 20331851d7 Merge pull request #109 from notgiven688/perf_improv 2 years ago
  notgiven688 3068ec7586 perf improvement in Hybi13 2 years ago
  notgiven688 2a4b8c1544 added algo info to the server log 2 years ago
  notgiven688 fb17a4a22d added missing variant4_random_math.h to libhash 2 years ago
  notgiven688 7419788a41 add contact 2 years ago
  notgiven688 60124fb7dc punctuation 2 years ago
  notgiven688 6a68d6fa48 do not write i to the console 2 years ago
  notgiven688 8a3e42cf46 Merge pull request #101 from notgiven688/cnv4 2 years ago
  notgiven688 b67e0ce65c finalize 6 2 years ago
  notgiven688 55d8173f6d finalize 5 2 years ago
  notgiven688 84a48089ac finalize 4 2 years ago
  notgiven688 efe3038fd9 finalize 3 2 years ago
  notgiven688 82a557f82a finalize 2 2 years ago
  notgiven688 bb03f79780 finalize 1 2 years ago
  notgiven688 7eefcf6955 round 7 2 years ago
  notgiven688 0c7c6360c8 round 6 2 years ago
  notgiven688 426d80e0e9 round 5 2 years ago
  notgiven688 b69b4bb2e6 round 4 2 years ago
  notgiven688 ef931c78d5 round 3 2 years ago
  notgiven688 ac06651301 round 2 2 years ago
  notgiven688 e776eed588 added cnv4 to sdk 2 years ago
  notgiven688 aac0cb5399 added cnv4 2 years ago
  notgiven688 5f25ff8e43 cnv4 protocol changes 2 years ago
  notgiven688 18fa48995e Merge pull request #100 from notgiven688/tab2space 2 years ago
  notgiven688 22a9111871 style fixes - server 2 years ago
  notgiven688 c3be98318d tabs to spaces in server 2 years ago
  notgiven688 f237b85b85 remove the dot 2 years ago
  notgiven688 df256179e2 add readme info (fork) 2 years ago
  notgiven688 292815f064 updated license year 2 years ago