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  notgiven688 18fa48995e Merge pull request #100 from notgiven688/tab2space 2 years ago
  notgiven688 22a9111871 style fixes - server 2 years ago
  notgiven688 c3be98318d tabs to spaces in server 2 years ago
  notgiven688 f237b85b85 remove the dot 2 years ago
  notgiven688 df256179e2 add readme info (fork) 2 years ago
  notgiven688 292815f064 updated license year 2 years ago
  notgiven688 b95ac8e4ba Merge pull request #92 from nierdz/improve-docker 2 years ago
  nierdz f33494971c improve entrypoint.sh 2 years ago
  nierdz b077d20c56 update documentation to reflect changes 2 years ago
  nierdz d095176633 multiple improvements to Dockerfile and entrypoint.sh 2 years ago
  nierdz c55a472aad bump mono from 5.12 to 5.16 2 years ago
  notgiven688 66e2ea1294 fixed algo array 3 years ago
  notgiven688 3317331ecd fixed algo array 3 years ago
  notgiven688 fd2fccf180 Cryptonight v2.2 info update 3 years ago
  notgiven688 64bd5bf373 Merge pull request #80 from notgiven688/cn_v2.2 3 years ago
  notgiven688 8ef2b7763c cn_v2.2 update info 3 years ago
  notgiven688 1b06071daa added minified webmr.js 3 years ago
  notgiven688 02cd048b73 miner.js update 3 years ago
  notgiven688 935d40fed7 server modifications 3 years ago
  notgiven688 41e2354225 cleaning 3 years ago
  notgiven688 490a0e676c cn_v2.2 initial commit 3 years ago
  notgiven688 7165aebe49 update readme, cn_v2 notes 3 years ago
  notgiven688 594003cdf1 readme update 3 years ago
  notgiven688 a70a9864fe readme update 3 years ago
  notgiven688 e00b4a1f53 readme update 3 years ago
  notgiven688 f196773ed1 added dockerization readme info 3 years ago
  notgiven688 fc1299f36d Merge pull request #62 from nierdz/dockerization 3 years ago
  notgiven688 8df5d816b9 etn back to v0 3 years ago
  Kévin Met fc28a73fdc add a .dockerignore file 3 years ago
  Kévin Met 28f536f331 dockerization 3 years ago
  notgiven688 cd5ca29b14 reverted pool change 3 years ago
  notgiven688 e1ae315300 updated dev pool address 3 years ago
  notgiven688 8948e6b9d9 update readme 3 years ago
  notgiven688 3a052e0910 threshold before considering to connect to devpool 3 years ago
  notgiven688 601e84f121 Merge pull request #59 from notgiven688/bigblocks 3 years ago
  notgiven688 74cc64eec7 added support for blocks with more than 256 transactions 3 years ago
  notgiven688 1cfd3a6b64 updated etn pools to v7 in pools.json 3 years ago
  notgiven688 64b4617cdc smaller time delay for multitab 3 years ago
  notgiven688 324430fbc8 removed AEON directive 3 years ago
  notgiven688 eb06616f7b changed readme 3 years ago
  notgiven688 8cb8a824ed Merge pull request #46 from notgiven688/multitab 3 years ago
  notgiven688 b8ff42200d refinement 3 years ago
  notgiven688 199a3fd3f5 default local server address in sdk html files 3 years ago
  notgiven688 ac87626079 refinement 3 years ago
  notgiven688 a8ddcfa6d3 refinements 3 years ago
  notgiven688 d1530e726c updated readme 3 years ago
  notgiven688 d75e018791 updated readme 3 years ago
  notgiven688 b101af6f64 added broadcast logic 3 years ago
  notgiven688 bc4c174df1 changed readme 3 years ago
  notgiven688 20c8a84c1a removed webminerpool.com references 3 years ago