Complete sources for a monero webminer.
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#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "keccak.h"
#include "blake.h"
#include "skein.h"
#include "jh.h"
#include "groestl.h"
#include "oaes_lib.h"
#define MEMORY (1 << 20) /* 2 MiB */
#define ITER (1 << 19)
#define AES_BLOCK_SIZE 16
#define AES_KEY_SIZE 32 /*16*/
#define INIT_SIZE_BLK 8
void do_blake_hash(const void *input, size_t len, char *output)
blake(input, len, (unsigned char *)output);
void do_groestl_hash(const void *input, size_t len, char *output)
groestl(input, len * 8, (uint8_t *)output);
void do_jh_hash(const void *input, size_t len, char *output)
jh(32 * 8, input, 8 * len, (uint8_t *)output);
void do_skein_hash(const void *input, size_t len, char *output)
skein(8 * 32, input, 8 * len, (uint8_t *)output);
void (*const extra_hashes[4])(const void *, size_t, char *) = {
do_blake_hash, do_groestl_hash, do_jh_hash, do_skein_hash};
void xor_blocks_dst(const uint8_t *a, const uint8_t *b, uint8_t *dst)
((uint64_t *)dst)[0] = ((uint64_t *)a)[0] ^ ((uint64_t *)b)[0];
((uint64_t *)dst)[1] = ((uint64_t *)a)[1] ^ ((uint64_t *)b)[1];
#define likely(x) (x)
#pragma pack(push, 1)
union hash_state {
uint8_t b[200];
uint64_t w[25];
#pragma pack(pop)
#pragma pack(push, 1)
union cn_slow_hash_state {
union hash_state hs;
uint8_t k[64];
uint8_t init[INIT_SIZE_BYTE];
#pragma pack(pop)
struct cryptonight_ctx
uint8_t long_state[MEMORY] __attribute((aligned(16)));
union cn_slow_hash_state state;
uint8_t text[INIT_SIZE_BYTE] __attribute((aligned(16)));
uint8_t a[AES_BLOCK_SIZE] __attribute__((aligned(16)));
uint8_t b[AES_BLOCK_SIZE] __attribute__((aligned(16)));
uint8_t c[AES_BLOCK_SIZE] __attribute__((aligned(16)));
oaes_ctx *aes_ctx;
const uint32_t TestTable1[256] __attribute((aligned(16))) = {
0xA56363C6, 0x847C7CF8, 0x997777EE, 0x8D7B7BF6, 0x0DF2F2FF, 0xBD6B6BD6, 0xB16F6FDE, 0x54C5C591,
0x50303060, 0x03010102, 0xA96767CE, 0x7D2B2B56, 0x19FEFEE7, 0x62D7D7B5, 0xE6ABAB4D, 0x9A7676EC,
0x45CACA8F, 0x9D82821F, 0x40C9C989, 0x877D7DFA, 0x15FAFAEF, 0xEB5959B2, 0xC947478E, 0x0BF0F0FB,
0xECADAD41, 0x67D4D4B3, 0xFDA2A25F, 0xEAAFAF45, 0xBF9C9C23, 0xF7A4A453, 0x967272E4, 0x5BC0C09B,
0xC2B7B775, 0x1CFDFDE1, 0xAE93933D, 0x6A26264C, 0x5A36366C, 0x413F3F7E, 0x02F7F7F5, 0x4FCCCC83,
0x5C343468, 0xF4A5A551, 0x34E5E5D1, 0x08F1F1F9, 0x937171E2, 0x73D8D8AB, 0x53313162, 0x3F15152A,
0x0C040408, 0x52C7C795, 0x65232346, 0x5EC3C39D, 0x28181830, 0xA1969637, 0x0F05050A, 0xB59A9A2F,
0x0907070E, 0x36121224, 0x9B80801B, 0x3DE2E2DF, 0x26EBEBCD, 0x6927274E, 0xCDB2B27F, 0x9F7575EA,
0x1B090912, 0x9E83831D, 0x742C2C58, 0x2E1A1A34, 0x2D1B1B36, 0xB26E6EDC, 0xEE5A5AB4, 0xFBA0A05B,
0xF65252A4, 0x4D3B3B76, 0x61D6D6B7, 0xCEB3B37D, 0x7B292952, 0x3EE3E3DD, 0x712F2F5E, 0x97848413,
0xF55353A6, 0x68D1D1B9, 0x00000000, 0x2CEDEDC1, 0x60202040, 0x1FFCFCE3, 0xC8B1B179, 0xED5B5BB6,
0xBE6A6AD4, 0x46CBCB8D, 0xD9BEBE67, 0x4B393972, 0xDE4A4A94, 0xD44C4C98, 0xE85858B0, 0x4ACFCF85,
0x6BD0D0BB, 0x2AEFEFC5, 0xE5AAAA4F, 0x16FBFBED, 0xC5434386, 0xD74D4D9A, 0x55333366, 0x94858511,
0xCF45458A, 0x10F9F9E9, 0x06020204, 0x817F7FFE, 0xF05050A0, 0x443C3C78, 0xBA9F9F25, 0xE3A8A84B,
0xF35151A2, 0xFEA3A35D, 0xC0404080, 0x8A8F8F05, 0xAD92923F, 0xBC9D9D21, 0x48383870, 0x04F5F5F1,
0xDFBCBC63, 0xC1B6B677, 0x75DADAAF, 0x63212142, 0x30101020, 0x1AFFFFE5, 0x0EF3F3FD, 0x6DD2D2BF,
0x4CCDCD81, 0x140C0C18, 0x35131326, 0x2FECECC3, 0xE15F5FBE, 0xA2979735, 0xCC444488, 0x3917172E,
0x57C4C493, 0xF2A7A755, 0x827E7EFC, 0x473D3D7A, 0xAC6464C8, 0xE75D5DBA, 0x2B191932, 0x957373E6,
0xA06060C0, 0x98818119, 0xD14F4F9E, 0x7FDCDCA3, 0x66222244, 0x7E2A2A54, 0xAB90903B, 0x8388880B,
0xCA46468C, 0x29EEEEC7, 0xD3B8B86B, 0x3C141428, 0x79DEDEA7, 0xE25E5EBC, 0x1D0B0B16, 0x76DBDBAD,
0x3BE0E0DB, 0x56323264, 0x4E3A3A74, 0x1E0A0A14, 0xDB494992, 0x0A06060C, 0x6C242448, 0xE45C5CB8,
0x5DC2C29F, 0x6ED3D3BD, 0xEFACAC43, 0xA66262C4, 0xA8919139, 0xA4959531, 0x37E4E4D3, 0x8B7979F2,
0x32E7E7D5, 0x43C8C88B, 0x5937376E, 0xB76D6DDA, 0x8C8D8D01, 0x64D5D5B1, 0xD24E4E9C, 0xE0A9A949,
0xB46C6CD8, 0xFA5656AC, 0x07F4F4F3, 0x25EAEACF, 0xAF6565CA, 0x8E7A7AF4, 0xE9AEAE47, 0x18080810,
0xD5BABA6F, 0x887878F0, 0x6F25254A, 0x722E2E5C, 0x241C1C38, 0xF1A6A657, 0xC7B4B473, 0x51C6C697,
0x23E8E8CB, 0x7CDDDDA1, 0x9C7474E8, 0x211F1F3E, 0xDD4B4B96, 0xDCBDBD61, 0x868B8B0D, 0x858A8A0F,
0x907070E0, 0x423E3E7C, 0xC4B5B571, 0xAA6666CC, 0xD8484890, 0x05030306, 0x01F6F6F7, 0x120E0E1C,
0xA36161C2, 0x5F35356A, 0xF95757AE, 0xD0B9B969, 0x91868617, 0x58C1C199, 0x271D1D3A, 0xB99E9E27,
0x38E1E1D9, 0x13F8F8EB, 0xB398982B, 0x33111122, 0xBB6969D2, 0x70D9D9A9, 0x898E8E07, 0xA7949433,
0xB69B9B2D, 0x221E1E3C, 0x92878715, 0x20E9E9C9, 0x49CECE87, 0xFF5555AA, 0x78282850, 0x7ADFDFA5,
0x8F8C8C03, 0xF8A1A159, 0x80898909, 0x170D0D1A, 0xDABFBF65, 0x31E6E6D7, 0xC6424284, 0xB86868D0,
0xC3414182, 0xB0999929, 0x772D2D5A, 0x110F0F1E, 0xCBB0B07B, 0xFC5454A8, 0xD6BBBB6D, 0x3A16162C};
const uint32_t TestTable2[256] __attribute((aligned(16))) = {
0x6363C6A5, 0x7C7CF884, 0x7777EE99, 0x7B7BF68D, 0xF2F2FF0D, 0x6B6BD6BD, 0x6F6FDEB1, 0xC5C59154,
0x30306050, 0x01010203, 0x6767CEA9, 0x2B2B567D, 0xFEFEE719, 0xD7D7B562, 0xABAB4DE6, 0x7676EC9A,
0xCACA8F45, 0x82821F9D, 0xC9C98940, 0x7D7DFA87, 0xFAFAEF15, 0x5959B2EB, 0x47478EC9, 0xF0F0FB0B,
0xADAD41EC, 0xD4D4B367, 0xA2A25FFD, 0xAFAF45EA, 0x9C9C23BF, 0xA4A453F7, 0x7272E496, 0xC0C09B5B,
0xB7B775C2, 0xFDFDE11C, 0x93933DAE, 0x26264C6A, 0x36366C5A, 0x3F3F7E41, 0xF7F7F502, 0xCCCC834F,
0x3434685C, 0xA5A551F4, 0xE5E5D134, 0xF1F1F908, 0x7171E293, 0xD8D8AB73, 0x31316253, 0x15152A3F,
0x0404080C, 0xC7C79552, 0x23234665, 0xC3C39D5E, 0x18183028, 0x969637A1, 0x05050A0F, 0x9A9A2FB5,
0x07070E09, 0x12122436, 0x80801B9B, 0xE2E2DF3D, 0xEBEBCD26, 0x27274E69, 0xB2B27FCD, 0x7575EA9F,
0x0909121B, 0x83831D9E, 0x2C2C5874, 0x1A1A342E, 0x1B1B362D, 0x6E6EDCB2, 0x5A5AB4EE, 0xA0A05BFB,
0x5252A4F6, 0x3B3B764D, 0xD6D6B761, 0xB3B37DCE, 0x2929527B, 0xE3E3DD3E, 0x2F2F5E71, 0x84841397,
0x5353A6F5, 0xD1D1B968, 0x00000000, 0xEDEDC12C, 0x20204060, 0xFCFCE31F, 0xB1B179C8, 0x5B5BB6ED,
0x6A6AD4BE, 0xCBCB8D46, 0xBEBE67D9, 0x3939724B, 0x4A4A94DE, 0x4C4C98D4, 0x5858B0E8, 0xCFCF854A,
0xD0D0BB6B, 0xEFEFC52A, 0xAAAA4FE5, 0xFBFBED16, 0x434386C5, 0x4D4D9AD7, 0x33336655, 0x85851194,
0x45458ACF, 0xF9F9E910, 0x02020406, 0x7F7FFE81, 0x5050A0F0, 0x3C3C7844, 0x9F9F25BA, 0xA8A84BE3,
0x5151A2F3, 0xA3A35DFE, 0x404080C0, 0x8F8F058A, 0x92923FAD, 0x9D9D21BC, 0x38387048, 0xF5F5F104,
0xBCBC63DF, 0xB6B677C1, 0xDADAAF75, 0x21214263, 0x10102030, 0xFFFFE51A, 0xF3F3FD0E, 0xD2D2BF6D,
0xCDCD814C, 0x0C0C1814, 0x13132635, 0xECECC32F, 0x5F5FBEE1, 0x979735A2, 0x444488CC, 0x17172E39,
0xC4C49357, 0xA7A755F2, 0x7E7EFC82, 0x3D3D7A47, 0x6464C8AC, 0x5D5DBAE7, 0x1919322B, 0x7373E695,
0x6060C0A0, 0x81811998, 0x4F4F9ED1, 0xDCDCA37F, 0x22224466, 0x2A2A547E, 0x90903BAB, 0x88880B83,
0x46468CCA, 0xEEEEC729, 0xB8B86BD3, 0x1414283C, 0xDEDEA779, 0x5E5EBCE2, 0x0B0B161D, 0xDBDBAD76,
0xE0E0DB3B, 0x32326456, 0x3A3A744E, 0x0A0A141E, 0x494992DB, 0x06060C0A, 0x2424486C, 0x5C5CB8E4,
0xC2C29F5D, 0xD3D3BD6E, 0xACAC43EF, 0x6262C4A6, 0x919139A8, 0x959531A4, 0xE4E4D337, 0x7979F28B,
0xE7E7D532, 0xC8C88B43, 0x37376E59, 0x6D6DDAB7, 0x8D8D018C, 0xD5D5B164, 0x4E4E9CD2, 0xA9A949E0,
0x6C6CD8B4, 0x5656ACFA, 0xF4F4F307, 0xEAEACF25, 0x6565CAAF, 0x7A7AF48E, 0xAEAE47E9, 0x08081018,
0xBABA6FD5, 0x7878F088, 0x25254A6F, 0x2E2E5C72, 0x1C1C3824, 0xA6A657F1, 0xB4B473C7, 0xC6C69751,
0xE8E8CB23, 0xDDDDA17C, 0x7474E89C, 0x1F1F3E21, 0x4B4B96DD, 0xBDBD61DC, 0x8B8B0D86, 0x8A8A0F85,
0x7070E090, 0x3E3E7C42, 0xB5B571C4, 0x6666CCAA, 0x484890D8, 0x03030605, 0xF6F6F701, 0x0E0E1C12,
0x6161C2A3, 0x35356A5F, 0x5757AEF9, 0xB9B969D0, 0x86861791, 0xC1C19958, 0x1D1D3A27, 0x9E9E27B9,
0xE1E1D938, 0xF8F8EB13, 0x98982BB3, 0x11112233, 0x6969D2BB, 0xD9D9A970, 0x8E8E0789, 0x949433A7,
0x9B9B2DB6, 0x1E1E3C22, 0x87871592, 0xE9E9C920, 0xCECE8749, 0x5555AAFF, 0x28285078, 0xDFDFA57A,
0x8C8C038F, 0xA1A159F8, 0x89890980, 0x0D0D1A17, 0xBFBF65DA, 0xE6E6D731, 0x424284C6, 0x6868D0B8,
0x414182C3, 0x999929B0, 0x2D2D5A77, 0x0F0F1E11, 0xB0B07BCB, 0x5454A8FC, 0xBBBB6DD6, 0x16162C3A};
const uint32_t TestTable3[256] __attribute((aligned(16))) = {
0x63C6A563, 0x7CF8847C, 0x77EE9977, 0x7BF68D7B, 0xF2FF0DF2, 0x6BD6BD6B, 0x6FDEB16F, 0xC59154C5,
0x30605030, 0x01020301, 0x67CEA967, 0x2B567D2B, 0xFEE719FE, 0xD7B562D7, 0xAB4DE6AB, 0x76EC9A76,
0xCA8F45CA, 0x821F9D82, 0xC98940C9, 0x7DFA877D, 0xFAEF15FA, 0x59B2EB59, 0x478EC947, 0xF0FB0BF0,
0xAD41ECAD, 0xD4B367D4, 0xA25FFDA2, 0xAF45EAAF, 0x9C23BF9C, 0xA453F7A4, 0x72E49672, 0xC09B5BC0,
0xB775C2B7, 0xFDE11CFD, 0x933DAE93, 0x264C6A26, 0x366C5A36, 0x3F7E413F, 0xF7F502F7, 0xCC834FCC,
0x34685C34, 0xA551F4A5, 0xE5D134E5, 0xF1F908F1, 0x71E29371, 0xD8AB73D8, 0x31625331, 0x152A3F15,
0x04080C04, 0xC79552C7, 0x23466523, 0xC39D5EC3, 0x18302818, 0x9637A196, 0x050A0F05, 0x9A2FB59A,
0x070E0907, 0x12243612, 0x801B9B80, 0xE2DF3DE2, 0xEBCD26EB, 0x274E6927, 0xB27FCDB2, 0x75EA9F75,
0x09121B09, 0x831D9E83, 0x2C58742C, 0x1A342E1A, 0x1B362D1B, 0x6EDCB26E, 0x5AB4EE5A, 0xA05BFBA0,
0x52A4F652, 0x3B764D3B, 0xD6B761D6, 0xB37DCEB3, 0x29527B29, 0xE3DD3EE3, 0x2F5E712F, 0x84139784,
0x53A6F553, 0xD1B968D1, 0x00000000, 0xEDC12CED, 0x20406020, 0xFCE31FFC, 0xB179C8B1, 0x5BB6ED5B,
0x6AD4BE6A, 0xCB8D46CB, 0xBE67D9BE, 0x39724B39, 0x4A94DE4A, 0x4C98D44C, 0x58B0E858, 0xCF854ACF,
0xD0BB6BD0, 0xEFC52AEF, 0xAA4FE5AA, 0xFBED16FB, 0x4386C543, 0x4D9AD74D, 0x33665533, 0x85119485,
0x458ACF45, 0xF9E910F9, 0x02040602, 0x7FFE817F, 0x50A0F050, 0x3C78443C, 0x9F25BA9F, 0xA84BE3A8,
0x51A2F351, 0xA35DFEA3, 0x4080C040, 0x8F058A8F, 0x923FAD92, 0x9D21BC9D, 0x38704838, 0xF5F104F5,
0xBC63DFBC, 0xB677C1B6, 0xDAAF75DA, 0x21426321, 0x10203010, 0xFFE51AFF, 0xF3FD0EF3, 0xD2BF6DD2,
0xCD814CCD, 0x0C18140C, 0x13263513, 0xECC32FEC, 0x5FBEE15F, 0x9735A297, 0x4488CC44, 0x172E3917,
0xC49357C4, 0xA755F2A7, 0x7EFC827E, 0x3D7A473D, 0x64C8AC64, 0x5DBAE75D, 0x19322B19, 0x73E69573,
0x60C0A060, 0x81199881, 0x4F9ED14F, 0xDCA37FDC, 0x22446622, 0x2A547E2A, 0x903BAB90, 0x880B8388,
0x468CCA46, 0xEEC729EE, 0xB86BD3B8, 0x14283C14, 0xDEA779DE, 0x5EBCE25E, 0x0B161D0B, 0xDBAD76DB,
0xE0DB3BE0, 0x32645632, 0x3A744E3A, 0x0A141E0A, 0x4992DB49, 0x060C0A06, 0x24486C24, 0x5CB8E45C,
0xC29F5DC2, 0xD3BD6ED3, 0xAC43EFAC, 0x62C4A662, 0x9139A891, 0x9531A495, 0xE4D337E4, 0x79F28B79,
0xE7D532E7, 0xC88B43C8, 0x376E5937, 0x6DDAB76D, 0x8D018C8D, 0xD5B164D5, 0x4E9CD24E, 0xA949E0A9,
0x6CD8B46C, 0x56ACFA56, 0xF4F307F4, 0xEACF25EA, 0x65CAAF65, 0x7AF48E7A, 0xAE47E9AE, 0x08101808,
0xBA6FD5BA, 0x78F08878, 0x254A6F25, 0x2E5C722E, 0x1C38241C, 0xA657F1A6, 0xB473C7B4, 0xC69751C6,
0xE8CB23E8, 0xDDA17CDD, 0x74E89C74, 0x1F3E211F, 0x4B96DD4B, 0xBD61DCBD, 0x8B0D868B, 0x8A0F858A,
0x70E09070, 0x3E7C423E, 0xB571C4B5, 0x66CCAA66, 0x4890D848, 0x03060503, 0xF6F701F6, 0x0E1C120E,
0x61C2A361, 0x356A5F35, 0x57AEF957, 0xB969D0B9, 0x86179186, 0xC19958C1, 0x1D3A271D, 0x9E27B99E,
0xE1D938E1, 0xF8EB13F8, 0x982BB398, 0x11223311, 0x69D2BB69, 0xD9A970D9, 0x8E07898E, 0x9433A794,
0x9B2DB69B, 0x1E3C221E, 0x87159287, 0xE9C920E9, 0xCE8749CE, 0x55AAFF55, 0x28507828, 0xDFA57ADF,
0x8C038F8C, 0xA159F8A1, 0x89098089, 0x0D1A170D, 0xBF65DABF, 0xE6D731E6, 0x4284C642, 0x68D0B868,
0x4182C341, 0x9929B099, 0x2D5A772D, 0x0F1E110F, 0xB07BCBB0, 0x54A8FC54, 0xBB6DD6BB, 0x162C3A16};
const uint32_t TestTable4[256] __attribute((aligned(16))) = {
0xC6A56363, 0xF8847C7C, 0xEE997777, 0xF68D7B7B, 0xFF0DF2F2, 0xD6BD6B6B, 0xDEB16F6F, 0x9154C5C5,
0x60503030, 0x02030101, 0xCEA96767, 0x567D2B2B, 0xE719FEFE, 0xB562D7D7, 0x4DE6ABAB, 0xEC9A7676,
0x8F45CACA, 0x1F9D8282, 0x8940C9C9, 0xFA877D7D, 0xEF15FAFA, 0xB2EB5959, 0x8EC94747, 0xFB0BF0F0,
0x41ECADAD, 0xB367D4D4, 0x5FFDA2A2, 0x45EAAFAF, 0x23BF9C9C, 0x53F7A4A4, 0xE4967272, 0x9B5BC0C0,
0x75C2B7B7, 0xE11CFDFD, 0x3DAE9393, 0x4C6A2626, 0x6C5A3636, 0x7E413F3F, 0xF502F7F7, 0x834FCCCC,
0x685C3434, 0x51F4A5A5, 0xD134E5E5, 0xF908F1F1, 0xE2937171, 0xAB73D8D8, 0x62533131, 0x2A3F1515,
0x080C0404, 0x9552C7C7, 0x46652323, 0x9D5EC3C3, 0x30281818, 0x37A19696, 0x0A0F0505, 0x2FB59A9A,
0x0E090707, 0x24361212, 0x1B9B8080, 0xDF3DE2E2, 0xCD26EBEB, 0x4E692727, 0x7FCDB2B2, 0xEA9F7575,
0x121B0909, 0x1D9E8383, 0x58742C2C, 0x342E1A1A, 0x362D1B1B, 0xDCB26E6E, 0xB4EE5A5A, 0x5BFBA0A0,
0xA4F65252, 0x764D3B3B, 0xB761D6D6, 0x7DCEB3B3, 0x527B2929, 0xDD3EE3E3, 0x5E712F2F, 0x13978484,
0xA6F55353, 0xB968D1D1, 0x00000000, 0xC12CEDED, 0x40602020, 0xE31FFCFC, 0x79C8B1B1, 0xB6ED5B5B,
0xD4BE6A6A, 0x8D46CBCB, 0x67D9BEBE, 0x724B3939, 0x94DE4A4A, 0x98D44C4C, 0xB0E85858, 0x854ACFCF,
0xBB6BD0D0, 0xC52AEFEF, 0x4FE5AAAA, 0xED16FBFB, 0x86C54343, 0x9AD74D4D, 0x66553333, 0x11948585,
0x8ACF4545, 0xE910F9F9, 0x04060202, 0xFE817F7F, 0xA0F05050, 0x78443C3C, 0x25BA9F9F, 0x4BE3A8A8,
0xA2F35151, 0x5DFEA3A3, 0x80C04040, 0x058A8F8F, 0x3FAD9292, 0x21BC9D9D, 0x70483838, 0xF104F5F5,
0x63DFBCBC, 0x77C1B6B6, 0xAF75DADA, 0x42632121, 0x20301010, 0xE51AFFFF, 0xFD0EF3F3, 0xBF6DD2D2,
0x814CCDCD, 0x18140C0C, 0x26351313, 0xC32FECEC, 0xBEE15F5F, 0x35A29797, 0x88CC4444, 0x2E391717,
0x9357C4C4, 0x55F2A7A7, 0xFC827E7E, 0x7A473D3D, 0xC8AC6464, 0xBAE75D5D, 0x322B1919, 0xE6957373,
0xC0A06060, 0x19988181, 0x9ED14F4F, 0xA37FDCDC, 0x44662222, 0x547E2A2A, 0x3BAB9090, 0x0B838888,
0x8CCA4646, 0xC729EEEE, 0x6BD3B8B8, 0x283C1414, 0xA779DEDE, 0xBCE25E5E, 0x161D0B0B, 0xAD76DBDB,
0xDB3BE0E0, 0x64563232, 0x744E3A3A, 0x141E0A0A, 0x92DB4949, 0x0C0A0606, 0x486C2424, 0xB8E45C5C,
0x9F5DC2C2, 0xBD6ED3D3, 0x43EFACAC, 0xC4A66262, 0x39A89191, 0x31A49595, 0xD337E4E4, 0xF28B7979,
0xD532E7E7, 0x8B43C8C8, 0x6E593737, 0xDAB76D6D, 0x018C8D8D, 0xB164D5D5, 0x9CD24E4E, 0x49E0A9A9,
0xD8B46C6C, 0xACFA5656, 0xF307F4F4, 0xCF25EAEA, 0xCAAF6565, 0xF48E7A7A, 0x47E9AEAE, 0x10180808,
0x6FD5BABA, 0xF0887878, 0x4A6F2525, 0x5C722E2E, 0x38241C1C, 0x57F1A6A6, 0x73C7B4B4, 0x9751C6C6,
0xCB23E8E8, 0xA17CDDDD, 0xE89C7474, 0x3E211F1F, 0x96DD4B4B, 0x61DCBDBD, 0x0D868B8B, 0x0F858A8A,
0xE0907070, 0x7C423E3E, 0x71C4B5B5, 0xCCAA6666, 0x90D84848, 0x06050303, 0xF701F6F6, 0x1C120E0E,
0xC2A36161, 0x6A5F3535, 0xAEF95757, 0x69D0B9B9, 0x17918686, 0x9958C1C1, 0x3A271D1D, 0x27B99E9E,
0xD938E1E1, 0xEB13F8F8, 0x2BB39898, 0x22331111, 0xD2BB6969, 0xA970D9D9, 0x07898E8E, 0x33A79494,
0x2DB69B9B, 0x3C221E1E, 0x15928787, 0xC920E9E9, 0x8749CECE, 0xAAFF5555, 0x50782828, 0xA57ADFDF,
0x038F8C8C, 0x59F8A1A1, 0x09808989, 0x1A170D0D, 0x65DABFBF, 0xD731E6E6, 0x84C64242, 0xD0B86868,
0x82C34141, 0x29B09999, 0x5A772D2D, 0x1E110F0F, 0x7BCBB0B0, 0xA8FC5454, 0x6DD6BBBB, 0x2C3A1616};
inline uint64_t mul128(uint64_t multiplier, uint64_t multiplicand, uint64_t *product_hi)
// multiplier = ab = a * 2^32 + b
// multiplicand = cd = c * 2^32 + d
// ab * cd = a * c * 2^64 + (a * d + b * c) * 2^32 + b * d
uint64_t a = multiplier >> 32;
uint64_t b = multiplier & 0xFFFFFFFF;
uint64_t c = multiplicand >> 32;
uint64_t d = multiplicand & 0xFFFFFFFF;
//uint64_t ac = a * c;
uint64_t ad = a * d;
//uint64_t bc = b * c;
uint64_t bd = b * d;
uint64_t adbc = ad + (b * c);
uint64_t adbc_carry = adbc < ad ? 1 : 0;
// multiplier * multiplicand = product_hi * 2^64 + product_lo
uint64_t product_lo = bd + (adbc << 32);
uint64_t product_lo_carry = product_lo < bd ? 1 : 0;
*product_hi = (a * c) + (adbc >> 32) + (adbc_carry << 32) + product_lo_carry;
//assert(ac <= *product_hi);
return product_lo;
// void m64to128(uint64_t *a, uint64_t *b, uint64_t *r)
// {
// uint64_t lo, hi;
// __asm__("mul %0, %1, %2\n\t" : "=r"(lo) : "r"(a[0]), "r"(b[0]) );
// __asm__("umulh %0, %1, %2\n\t" : "=r"(hi) : "r"(a[0]), "r"(b[0]) );
// r[0] = hi;
// r[1] = lo;
// }
void mult64to128(uint64_t op1, uint64_t op2, uint64_t *hi, uint64_t *lo)
uint64_t u1 = (op1 & 0xffffffff);
uint64_t v1 = (op2 & 0xffffffff);
uint64_t t = (u1 * v1);
uint64_t w3 = (t & 0xffffffff);
uint64_t k = (t >> 32);
op1 >>= 32;
t = (op1 * v1) + k;
k = (t & 0xffffffff);
v1 = (t >> 32);
op2 >>= 32;
t = (u1 * op2) + k;
k = (t >> 32);
*hi = (op1 * op2) + v1 + k;
*lo = (t << 32) + w3;
void mul_sum_xor_dst(const uint8_t *a, uint8_t *c, uint8_t *dst)
uint64_t hi = ((uint64_t *)a)[0];
uint64_t lo = ((uint64_t *)dst)[0];
//mult64to128(((uint64_t *)a)[0], ((uint64_t *)dst)[0],&hi,&lo);
uint64_t u1 = (hi & 0xffffffff);
uint64_t v1 = (lo & 0xffffffff);
uint64_t t = (u1 * v1);
uint64_t w3 = (t & 0xffffffff);
uint64_t k = (t >> 32);
hi >>= 32;
t = (hi * v1) + k;
k = (t & 0xffffffff);
v1 = (t >> 32);
lo >>= 32;
t = (u1 * lo) + k;
k = (t >> 32);
hi = (hi * lo) + v1 + k;
lo = (t << 32) + w3;
lo += ((uint64_t *)c)[1];
hi += ((uint64_t *)c)[0];
((uint64_t *)c)[0] = ((uint64_t *)dst)[0] ^ hi;
((uint64_t *)c)[1] = ((uint64_t *)dst)[1] ^ lo;
((uint64_t *)dst)[0] = hi;
((uint64_t *)dst)[1] = lo;
void xor_blocks(uint8_t *a, const uint8_t *b)
((uint64_t *)a)[0] ^= ((uint64_t *)b)[0];
((uint64_t *)a)[1] ^= ((uint64_t *)b)[1];
void SubAndShiftAndMixAddRound(uint32_t *out, uint8_t *temp, uint32_t *AesEncKey)
out[0] = TestTable1[temp[0]] ^ TestTable2[temp[5]] ^ TestTable3[temp[10]] ^ TestTable4[temp[15]] ^ AesEncKey[0];
out[1] = TestTable4[temp[3]] ^ TestTable1[temp[4]] ^ TestTable2[temp[9]] ^ TestTable3[temp[14]] ^ AesEncKey[1];
out[2] = TestTable3[temp[2]] ^ TestTable4[temp[7]] ^ TestTable1[temp[8]] ^ TestTable2[temp[13]] ^ AesEncKey[2];
out[3] = TestTable2[temp[1]] ^ TestTable3[temp[6]] ^ TestTable4[temp[11]] ^ TestTable1[temp[12]] ^ AesEncKey[3];
void SubAndShiftAndMixAddRoundInPlace(uint32_t *temp, uint32_t *AesEncKey)
uint8_t *state = (uint8_t *)&temp[0];
uint8_t saved[6];
saved[0] = state[3];
saved[1] = state[2];
saved[2] = state[7];
saved[3] = state[1];
saved[4] = state[6];
saved[5] = state[11];
temp[0] = TestTable1[state[0]] ^ TestTable2[state[5]] ^ TestTable3[state[10]] ^ TestTable4[state[15]] ^ AesEncKey[0];
temp[1] = TestTable4[saved[0]] ^ TestTable1[state[4]] ^ TestTable2[state[9]] ^ TestTable3[state[14]] ^ AesEncKey[1];
temp[2] = TestTable3[saved[1]] ^ TestTable4[saved[2]] ^ TestTable1[state[8]] ^ TestTable2[state[13]] ^ AesEncKey[2];
temp[3] = TestTable2[saved[3]] ^ TestTable3[saved[4]] ^ TestTable4[saved[5]] ^ TestTable1[state[12]] ^ AesEncKey[3];
void cryptonight_hash_ctx(void *output, const void *input, struct cryptonight_ctx *ctx)
ctx->aes_ctx = (oaes_ctx *)oaes_alloc();
size_t i, j;
//hash_process(&ctx->state.hs, (const uint8_t*) input, 76);
keccak((const uint8_t *)input, 76, ctx->state.hs.b, 200);
memcpy(ctx->text, ctx->state.init, INIT_SIZE_BYTE);
oaes_key_import_data(ctx->aes_ctx, ctx->state.hs.b, AES_KEY_SIZE);
for (i = 0; likely(i < MEMORY); i += INIT_SIZE_BYTE)
for (j = 0; j < 10; j++)
uint32_t *ptr = (uint32_t *)&ctx->aes_ctx->key->exp_data[j << 4];
SubAndShiftAndMixAddRoundInPlace((uint32_t *)&ctx->text[0], ptr);
SubAndShiftAndMixAddRoundInPlace((uint32_t *)&ctx->text[0x10], ptr);
SubAndShiftAndMixAddRoundInPlace((uint32_t *)&ctx->text[0x20], ptr);
SubAndShiftAndMixAddRoundInPlace((uint32_t *)&ctx->text[0x30], ptr);
SubAndShiftAndMixAddRoundInPlace((uint32_t *)&ctx->text[0x40], ptr);
SubAndShiftAndMixAddRoundInPlace((uint32_t *)&ctx->text[0x50], ptr);
SubAndShiftAndMixAddRoundInPlace((uint32_t *)&ctx->text[0x60], ptr);
SubAndShiftAndMixAddRoundInPlace((uint32_t *)&ctx->text[0x70], ptr);
memcpy(&ctx->long_state[i], ctx->text, INIT_SIZE_BYTE);
for (i = 0; i < 2; i++)
((uint64_t *)(ctx->a))[i] = ((uint64_t *)ctx->state.k)[i] ^ ((uint64_t *)ctx->state.k)[i + 4];
((uint64_t *)(ctx->b))[i] = ((uint64_t *)ctx->state.k)[i + 2] ^ ((uint64_t *)ctx->state.k)[i + 6];
//xor_blocks_dst(&ctx->state.k[0], &ctx->state.k[32], ctx->a);
//xor_blocks_dst(&ctx->state.k[16], &ctx->state.k[48], ctx->b);
for (i = 0; likely(i < ITER / 4); ++i)
// Dependency chain: address -> read value ------+
// written value <-+ hard function (AES or MUL) <+
// next address <-+
// Iteration 1
j = ((uint32_t *)(ctx->a))[0] & 0x0FFFF0;
SubAndShiftAndMixAddRound((uint32_t *)ctx->c, &ctx->long_state[j], (uint32_t *)ctx->a);
xor_blocks_dst(ctx->c, ctx->b, &ctx->long_state[j]);
// Iteration 2
mul_sum_xor_dst(ctx->c, ctx->a, &ctx->long_state[((uint32_t *)(ctx->c))[0] & 0x0FFFF0]);
// Iteration 3
j = ((uint32_t *)(ctx->a))[0] & 0x0FFFF0;
SubAndShiftAndMixAddRound((uint32_t *)ctx->b, &ctx->long_state[j], (uint32_t *)ctx->a);
xor_blocks_dst(ctx->b, ctx->c, &ctx->long_state[j]);
// Iteration 4
mul_sum_xor_dst(ctx->b, ctx->a, &ctx->long_state[((uint32_t *)(ctx->b))[0] & 0x0FFFF0]);
memcpy(ctx->text, ctx->state.init, INIT_SIZE_BYTE);
oaes_free((OAES_CTX **)&ctx->aes_ctx);
ctx->aes_ctx = (oaes_ctx *)oaes_alloc();
oaes_key_import_data(ctx->aes_ctx, &ctx->state.hs.b[32], AES_KEY_SIZE);
for (i = 0; likely(i < MEMORY); i += INIT_SIZE_BYTE)
xor_blocks(&ctx->text[0x00], &ctx->long_state[i + 0x00]);
xor_blocks(&ctx->text[0x10], &ctx->long_state[i + 0x10]);
xor_blocks(&ctx->text[0x20], &ctx->long_state[i + 0x20]);
xor_blocks(&ctx->text[0x30], &ctx->long_state[i + 0x30]);
xor_blocks(&ctx->text[0x40], &ctx->long_state[i + 0x40]);
xor_blocks(&ctx->text[0x50], &ctx->long_state[i + 0x50]);
xor_blocks(&ctx->text[0x60], &ctx->long_state[i + 0x60]);
xor_blocks(&ctx->text[0x70], &ctx->long_state[i + 0x70]);
for (j = 0; j < 10; j++)
uint32_t *ptr = (uint32_t *)&ctx->aes_ctx->key->exp_data[j << 4];
SubAndShiftAndMixAddRoundInPlace((uint32_t *)&ctx->text[0], ptr);
SubAndShiftAndMixAddRoundInPlace((uint32_t *)&ctx->text[0x10], ptr);
SubAndShiftAndMixAddRoundInPlace((uint32_t *)&ctx->text[0x20], ptr);
SubAndShiftAndMixAddRoundInPlace((uint32_t *)&ctx->text[0x30], ptr);
SubAndShiftAndMixAddRoundInPlace((uint32_t *)&ctx->text[0x40], ptr);
SubAndShiftAndMixAddRoundInPlace((uint32_t *)&ctx->text[0x50], ptr);
SubAndShiftAndMixAddRoundInPlace((uint32_t *)&ctx->text[0x60], ptr);
SubAndShiftAndMixAddRoundInPlace((uint32_t *)&ctx->text[0x70], ptr);
memcpy(ctx->state.init, ctx->text, INIT_SIZE_BYTE);
keccakf((uint64_t *)ctx->state.hs.b, 24);
/*memcpy(hash, &state, 32);*/
extra_hashes[ctx->state.hs.b[0] & 3](&ctx->state, 200, output);
oaes_free((OAES_CTX **)&ctx->aes_ctx);
void cryptonight(void *output, const void *input, size_t len)
struct cryptonight_ctx *ctx = (struct cryptonight_ctx *)malloc(sizeof(struct cryptonight_ctx));
cryptonight_hash_ctx(output, input, ctx);