A deceptively simple dark theme for Hugo
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After Dark

A deceptively simple dark theme for Hugo.

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After Dark screenshots


After Dark is a Hugo theme for bloggers, journalists and technology enthusiasts. It is an original work created to preserve the aesthetic and simplicity of hobbiest websites created during the mid- to late-1990’s. The theme includes an inbuilt search engine, portable quick installer, online help and optional plug-in modules to enhance functionality. Use it online or off to create anything from an indie microblog to a visually stunning photojournal.


Visit Hack Cabin for a live example you can recreate.


See what's included or jump ahead to get started.

Feature Overview
Feature Summary
Quick Installer One command is all you need to get started with After Dark.
Online Help Learn to use the theme with convenient help from within your site.
Module System Add functionality with prebuilt modules designed to compliment your site.
Section Menu Display an accessible site-wide navigation with links to content sections.
Display Variants Customize look-and-feel with one of eight included display variations.
Custom Styles Add to, adjust or disable theme styles for complete design control.
Trim Color Define how user agents should display the border around your site.
SVG Favicon Help push browser standards forward by decorating your site with an SVG favicon.
Fuzzy Search Find and share indexable content anywhere on your site. No registration required.
Code Highlighter Highlight code in over 160 languages without requiring JavaScript.
Post Images Add graphics to your posts without touching an image editor.
Lazy Loading Boost page speed and save bandwidth by deferring assets you define.
Social Engagement Share links to your site with large images on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and more.
Search Optimization Give crawlers rich information about your site structure and content.
Modification Dating Recently updated content is flagged and made more discoverable to readers.
Index Blocking Hide pages from search engines without modifying robots.txt.
Referrer Policy Help protect your visitors from nosy neighbors with a simple site-wide policy.
Snippets Display alerts, cards, progress indicators and easily build great-looking forms.
Related Content Display links to relevant content below blog posts automatically.
Table of Contents Create collapsable content summaries with deep link and smooth-scroll support.
Error Page Entertain users when errors occur by giving them a glimpse inside the machine.

Getting Started

Satisfy the requirements, run the quick installer and go live with a single command.


After Dark requires Hugo 0.44 or later. Before running the quick installer please install Hugo.

Quick Installer

Then run the quick installer located at bin/install, or just paste this into a POSIX terminal and press Enter:

wget -qO - https://git.habd.as/comfusion/after-dark/raw/branch/master/bin/install | sh

Installation should complete in a matter of seconds resulting in a functional offline website ready to go live.

Go Live

Serve your site online with end-to-end encryption using Serveo, no sign-up required:

hugo serve --disableLiveReload & ssh -R 80:localhost:1313 serveo.net

Once started press g for traffic inspection, or quit to go offline and use fg to return to hugo. Install dropbear or openssh if you need ssh.


To check for theme updates and automatically upgrade to the latest version simply run ./theme/after-dark/bin/upgrade from your site directory. This feature requires you install After Dark starting with v6.7.5. If you installed from an earlier version simply follow the steps listed here.


Copyright (C) 2016–2018 Josh Habdas jhabdas@protonmail.com

This work is free. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License, Version 2, as published by Sam Hocevar. See the COPYING file for more details.


Thanks to Steve Francia for creating Hugo. Thanks to エゴイスト for creating hackcss. Thanks to Dan Klammer for the SVG icons. Thanks to Simon Fremaux for the groovy 404 background animation. And thanks to Vincent Prouillet for creating an After Dark port for Gutenberg.